FaceTime is one of the most used applications available to iPhone owners. It lets users connect and make video or audio calls on their mobile devices. Several people make use of this as a Skype alternative, since Skype occupies more space and is a bit difficult to use.

Because FaceTime is well known, you will know one or two things about the app as well. A popular question we get about the app is always centered around the user’s security. Can you really know if someone screenshots FaceTime as you make your call?

This tutorial breaks down the question and provides answers.

Can You Find Out If Anyone Screenshots Your FaceTime?

Most of the applications we have these days are a big security risk, because our personal information can be tampered with quite easily. Like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and identical applications, FaceTime can be quite dangerous. The individual you are chatting with can take live screenshots and use the photos against you in future.

Snapchat, for instance, took steps to reduce this risk. They came up with a new notification feature that will let users know automatically immediately someone takes a screenshot of their message.

This feature is remarkably useful because it lets you chat freely, knowing you will be informed if anyone screenshots your pics or message without you permitting them.

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Does FaceTime Have This Feature?

Sadly, FaceTime developers are yet to add that in the latest updates. No notification will be sent to you when anyone takes a screenshot in the middle of a conversation through FaceTime. The simple way that you can use to find out that somebody took a screenshot is when they their volume is so high that you are able to hear that camera sound. But we both know this is not enough. You have to be very cautious with FaceTime so you could remain safe. Rumor has it that the app’s team are working on including the feature but we’ve got nothing yet.

How Can You Can Take Screenshots On Facebook?

It is vital to know that taking screenshots on FaceTime is very straight-forward with all iOS.

Also, bear in mind that with the iOS12 operating system, you do not have the Live Photo feature of your FaceTime.

Taking Facetime Screenshots

The steps below will highlight how you can take a FaceTime screenshot on your iPad device:

  1. Begin your FaceTime video call.
  2. As you chat, press and hold the Wake/Sleep (Power button) and the home button.
  3. Screen will flash and the camera shutter sound will be heard, as long as you have turned on the sound on your device.

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Taking Facetime Screenshots On iPhone

This will need you to repeat the exact steps as before. You only have to locate the right buttons that trigger the screenshot function on your smartphone.

In several cases, you should press the Home button and the Power button that can be found on the side of your phone at the same time and then quickly release them. Definitely, you should be in your FaceTime app if you intend to screenshot your conversation.

Taking Facetime Screenshots On Android Phones

Because FaceTime is developed for iPhone owners, the application cannot be gotten from the Google Play Store, and Android phone users cannot make use of because it is not compatible with their operating system.

But, recently, a new app showed up on the market that is quite identical with the FaceTime app. Android and iPhones can make use it.

This cross-platform FaceTime alternative is referred to as Google Duo. This app lets you make video call conversations on your Android phone with a pal who uses an iPhone. It is not complicated and it is user-friendly on your Android device. The app is very easy to use.

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