Do you want to switch carriers and keep using your carrier-locked Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge? It is very much possible.

It could be that you travel regularly and fancy using local mobile networks while you are out of the country.

It does not matter what your reason is, you need lots of options for SIM unlocking on your device. Check out some below to decide on the most appropriate one for you.

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Sim Unlocking Through Your Carrier On Your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge?

If you purchased a device via your carrier, that might be great news. This is because unlocking it can be as simple as making a call. But, several carriers always ask that you fulfill specific requirements before you ask for an unlock.

Generally, what is required are:

  1. Device paid in full.
  2. An account in good standing.
  3. Personal device for a particular number of days (depends on the carrier.)

There might be more requirements that must be obeyed, so reach out to your carrier via the phone to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge phone.

3rd-Party Sim Unlocking On Your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge?

If you are not qualified for an unlock via your carrier, a 3rd-party service can be of help.

1. Get Your IMEI No

Before anything else, your IMEI number is required to unlock your device. This fifteen-digit number is unique to your phone and its compulsory for unlocking it the right way. To lay your hands on this IMEI number, launch your Phone app. Dial *#06# and your IMEI will be visible on your screen. Jot it down on a paper because it will be needed later.

2. Locate A Paid Unlocking Service

After that, you should locate a trustworthy unlocking service. Pls note that you will charged some cash for this, and the amount involved vary from company to company. One very good 3rd-party unlocking service is Android SIM Unlock. When you see one you fancy, ordering the unlock code requires an identical process for all companies. You need to type in the IMEI for your phone onto the unlocking website. You will need to type in the carrier and device specs as well. Wrap up the checkout process and pay close attention to the ETA for the unlock code. Most of them will not give the result you want instantly, so be patient for some hours or even some days for your code to sent to you via mail.

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3. Unlocking Your Device

The unlock code might be received alongside more instructions in the email. If you are confused, adhere to these instructions first. Unlocking your device works mainly the exact way, irrespective of the device type. Before anything else, put a SIM card from another carrier different from your original one, into the phone. Type in the unlock code when the prompt is visible to get that done on your device’s screen. Lastly, make a test call to ensure that your device is functioning on the fresh network.

Unlocking For T-Mobile And MetroPCS?

If your carrier is T-Mobile or MetroPCS, unlocking a device will be quite different. Since these carriers have their personal unlock application, one of the simplest ways to unlock your device is through the carrier.

But, if you are not qualified for a carrier unlock, a 3rd-party service can always step in. Adhere to the instructions above till you reach “unlocking your phone.” Instead of getting a new SIM card into your phone, launch the carrier’s Unlock application instead. From the Unlock application, confirm that you intend to Continue and then choose “Permanent Unlock.” The application will run the unlock process and reboot when it is through. Doing this, your device is unlocked remotely and will not require a different unlock code.

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