Showbox is a controversial app with a massive legacy on Android phones. Just like Popcorn Time, Showbox is an app developed mainly for free streaming films and TV shows over the web. Even if it is not really legal, Showbox has lot of users because of the way it easily streams fresh releases, from popular blockbusters to evergreen Bollywood movies. Showbox as an application is a brilliant choice for whoever intends to use a not-so-legal method for quality entertainment, but that has still not prevented Showbox from trying to grow further.

Definitely, the main issue with Showbox has to be the manner it is locked to your smartphone, unable to be streamed on a bigger display without huge tweakings here and there. This can spoil things on movie night, especially if so many people end up gathering around your smartphone. Therefore, lets see how you can use Showbox by casting the pictures to your Chromecast plugged into your TV.

Warning On Legality

Like i said earlier with programs such as Covenant on Kodi and Popcorn Time on computer, Showbox is not a legal service. Piracy laws changes according to your country, but for US based readers of our site, they will know piracy services like Showbox are far from legal. Normally, several ISPs in the United States will track and look out for illegal services being used on their bandwidth, and even if you can regularly do your stuff without getting noticed, Showbox gets exposed at a very high rate compared to standard torrent interfaces. I am not in any way asking you to go for Showbox for your standard movie consumption. These movies are the hard work of popular producers, and paying to view them encourages these guys to churn out more films for your viewing pleasure.

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How You Can Cast Showbox?

Even if Showbox provides a PC version via the use of an Android emulator, most Showbox users prefer the Android version of the app, and rightly so. Showbox is simply an Android app that provides versions for other platforms mainly via emulation, just like the PC version. Expectedly, Google is yet to allow Showbox to list the app in the Play Store, because of its streaming piracy abilities, but that is not to say you cannot install the Android app straight from the website. The app, available for Android devices and Android TV, gets downloaded as an APK installer from the website, and only needs the ability to install apps from unkwown sources to be activated in your Settings menu. You can locate the Android version of the app here.

For installation of the app, you have to enable installation for outside sources in the settings of your Android device. To access settings on your phone, scroll down to open the notifications tray and quick actions, then click on Settings. Go to the bottom of your settings page and click Apps & Notifications. There are not lots of options in this category, but when you tap Advanced, you can view a toggle reading “Apps from Unknown Sources.” Toggle on and leave the Settings menu.

As soon as you have the app installed on your phone, you will see a modern Android interface that ensures easy browsing for fresh releases of films and TV series. The app is beautiful. Browsing via the lineup of the Showbox appears like you are accessing Google Play Movies. Tapping on a selection for every film shows a remarkable display of information, with amazing images, streaming option in various resolutions, trailer links, and a detailed description of the movie. The lovely news is, it is seamless to use the Android app for streaming your favorite films and TV series.

Sadly, there is a massive problem as regards using the app with Chromecast: you cannot actually cast directly from the app, since the Cast protocol is not built into the app. This tells you that you will have to focus on outside sources to ensure effective casting on the platform, and to make that happen, an additional app is needed on your device.

There are actually more than one option here, plus the well known casting app named AllCast. Any clip casting app will function with the method we are about to expatiate on, but we recommend one app for casting Showbox and that is LocalCast.

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How You Can Use LocalCast To Stream Showbox To Chromecast?

Even if Showbox does not possess a built-in Chromecast feature, it is simple to link Showbox’s video streams with an app like LocalCast so it can play clips the right way on your TV. Ensure you have Showbox installed on your device, then go over to the Google Play Store and have LocalCast downloaded for Chromecast. LocalCast does not cost you anything but it is ad-supported for your Android phone and it lets you cast both local videos and local streams to your Chromecast device without worrying about possessing a player with Cast support. Premium plans exist, but LocalCast is recommended because of its lack of restriction over streaming length.

To use LocalCast with Showbox, you will have to open up the Settings menu inside Showbox to change the player. Enter Menu and select Settings. Choose Other Player from the drop-down default player menu. Even if you will not be choosing LocalCast as your player in this step, selecting Other Player lets Showbox prompt Android for the list of installed video players on your mobile device.

To get that interface, go back to the Showbox main menu, then choose your preferred film or TV series. Tap “Watch Now” then wait for the clip to load. Android will prompt you to choose the video player you desire to stream with, and at last, you can now choose LocalCast as your player. We advice you to select “Just Once” each time you select your player, except you are planning on casting to your TV every single time you use Showbox.

After going for LocalCast, you will be re-directed to that app to select a phone to use with Cast. Select your Chromecast from the list presented to you, and the LocalCast player interface will open on your device. Rather than using the regular Showbox interface, you will begin to use LocalCast as a remote to take control of playback of your clip. You can also locate cast controls in your notification tray as soon as the clip starts playing.

Also, on your TV, LocalCast connecting and starting to connect to a URL will be visible. This is the Showbox stream, and it might take a few seconds to start playing. As soon as that happens, you can rest your back, grab a drink and have fun with your preferred films and TV series on your massive screen.

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