Blur Background TikTok Videos
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Being unique on TikTok is not as simple as before. There are lots of amazing challenges for users on this fast-rising platform and the world is loving it. However, by making use of brilliant effects and filters, you can still churn out special clips that your followers will absolutely love.

For instance, if you have created a vertical clip, but don’t wish to crop it to fit horizontal screens, editing it will require a bit of magic. Not to worry though, because we have the solution and we expatiate on it below. See the answer to your How Do I Blur My Background For TikTok Videos question:

How Can I Blur My Background For TikTok Videos?

Even if TikTok provides lots of interesting effects and filters that can be applied to your clips, there is actually no feature to blur the background. You don’t have to panic though, because you can always use a 3rd-party application to upload such clips to your TikTok account.

Below, we list the best applications to use for blurring the background of your Tiktok clips. They all cost you nothing and they are simple to use and work with. You will also have access to useful features that will make your job easier. Check them out:

1. KineMaster:

Blur Background TikTok Videos
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This is one of the best video-editing applications for your Android phone, iPhone, and iPad. It is home to an uncomplicated UI plus lots of options to make your clips appear professional after some clicks. KineMaster has a premium version too, however, for blurring the background, the free version can make it happen. See how to use it for blurring purposes:

  • Add the clip you wish to edit.
  • From the circle menu on the right, select “Layer.”
  • Choose “Effects.”
  • After that, click “Basic effects” and select “Gaussian Blur.”
  • A square will be visible on the clip that can be moved or resized, depending on the part of the video that you want to blur. “Mosaic” is also useful for several types of blurry backgrounds.

2. InShot:

Blur Background TikTok Videos
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With this app, users can create lovely clips asap. This application can be used on iOS and Android phones and lots of reviewers have nothing but nice things to say about it. It possesses a straightforward UI and vital features that will transform you into a pro in no time. To use for blurring purposes:

  • Open the application on your device and select “Video” in the “Create New” section on the home page.
  • You will instantly view a blurred background when the clip is imported. Scroll through the menu below to locate the “Background” button. Click it.
  • Select the level of blurriness, the color of a picture that you wish to see in the background.
  • Click the checkmark to use the background filter.

That is that.

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