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How Do I Buy And Read Kindle Books On My iPhone?

The iPhone is an amazing ebook reader. Some users even prefer it to a standalone Kindle reader since it runs a large variety of ebook applications, and allows you to have access to various electronic books.

However, if you wish to read Kindle books on your iPhone, purchasing it is important before installing on your iPhone. This is not so simple since you cannot buy books with the iPhone Kindle app or the Amazon application.

Rather, you have to purchase your Kindle books in a web browser. This can be done in a browser on your PC, or via the Safari app on your iPhone. Where you purchase the book is not the issue because it will be available in all Kindle apps and phone that is signed into the Amazon account you made use of to purchase the book. Let’s expatiate:

How Can I Buy Kindle Books On My iPhone?

  • Launch the Safari application and head to Amazon.com.
  • If you are yet to be logged in, get yourself signed into Amazon with your account information.

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  • Locate the Kindle title that you wish to purchase. Make sure you select the Kindle format. You are allowed to select your iPhone in the “Deliver to” dropdown menu, but it is not compulsory. The book will be available on all Kindle apps and device logged into your Amazon account.
  • Wrap up the purchase.
  • Now launch the Kindle application. If a book is open, close it and head to the Library view.
  • The book will be seen in the “All” tab. To read it, click its cover to have it downloaded on your device.

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And that is that.


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