You should already know what the Wish app is all about, and you could’ve shopped via it recently. Since four years ago, this application has been known for its remarkable savings and less costly merchandise.

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Some that have used it still doubt how legitimate it is and its customer policy, but the Wish app is one of the known e-commerce platforms.

Take it from me when i write that the application is hundred percent legit and there will be no issues if you want to cancel an order or receive a refund.

In this tutorial, we will highlight how cancelling an order can happen and also let you know how you can get a refund or return anything.

How Can I Cancel An Order On The Wish App?

Cancelling on the Wish app is not complicated. The application UI is smooth to use for everyone and you will be able to easily make a cancellation happen on your Android and iPhone device. In this tutorial, lets focus on the mobile application but these instruction will get the job done on the desktop version too.

  1. To get an order cancelled, head to the Order History page after signing in. The tab can be seen under the Shopping Cart and it can be accessed by clicking the “hamburger icon” seen on the left side.
  2. The window you will see after that will reveal a list of every item you have ordered. Cancellation can begin by clicking “Contact Support” below the specific item. “I want to cancel my order” will now be visible.

Note though, this method will only serve you if the items are yet to be shipped. The company said, there is a 8-hour grace to request for cancellation. Anything beyond that, the item will get shipped.

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How Can I Request For A Refund On The Wish App?

Asking for a refund is not complicated too. Once more, you have to go to your Order History, locate the item in particular and make use of the virtual chat to request for a refund. These are the instructions involved:

  1. If the good or product is beyond its delivery date and you are yet to collect it, click on “No” in the yellow box that is visible under the listing. After that, choose Contact Support and click “No” once more for confirmation that you are yet to collect the item.
  2. Immediately you click “No,” a different message is revealed, telling you that a refund is possible. For confirmation, click “I want a refund”.

After that, you will have to select your desired refund method, and there are a couple of options involved. You are allowed to immediately receive store credit by clicking “Wish Cash.” If you choose the Original Payment Method, the cash will get into your account before ten business days elapses.

Immediately you decide on a method, a confirmation notification will be visible and the cash will be soon reach your account. Be patient.

One great thing to also know is that, if a product gets delivered to you, even after requesting for a refund, you are allowed to keep it.

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