Reports have it that social media platforms such as Facebook do not really pay attention to how important protecting the personal and sensitive information of the users should be. There are ways to get rid of your activities on Facebook from scratch though. However, even when you use such methods, it is still hard to cope with the internal changes brought in by Facebook from time to time.

We also have some browser extensions and user scripts that can delete all of the Facebook activities from the activity log. There are a couple of options to remove your past activity from your Facebook timeline, let’s discuss them below:

1. Delete Your Facebook Activity One By One

If you wish to keep your Facebook account, but still want to delete your past activity, adhere to these simple instructions. Head to your old posts by year in your timeline and get them removed. If you want to delete one activity group at a time, you are free to do just that. The disadvantage here is that you will waste a lot of time by searching for all the past stuff you have posted on your timeline.

2. Automate The Process

There is a different way to allow macro to get the job done on your behalf. However, because Facebook keeps changing as the years go by, it is hard to locate one Macro that can be of help. Nevertheless, try using iMacros for Chrome and Firefox and attempt to run them from the activity page.

How Can I Delete My Facebook Account Permanently?

How about if you have decided to delete your Facebook account permanently? Adhere to these instructions:

  • Head to the settings page.
  • “Download a copy of your Facebook data” will be visible at the bottom of the General Account Settings.

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  • Tap “Start my archive” and after downloading the archive, delete your account for good.

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You are done.

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