Disable Voice Control On AirPods
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The truth is that even if voice control is amazing, it definitely has its disadvantages. Some users have actually come out to rant about calling someone mistakenly when the pods are out of their ears. I need not tell you how embarrassing that could be if it’s your ex on the other line.

Since voice control and Siri are quite different, you can use either one of them on your iOS device. If you love Siri or you do not feel the need to use any voice control while using your AirPods, See the answer to your How Do I Disable Voice Control On My AirPods question:

How To Turn Off Voice Control On My AirPods:

Disable Voice Control On AirPods
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If you are not using Siri, but you are still battling problems with unwanted actions on your device and Airpods, you need to confirm if your voice control is enabled. Deactivating this feature is very easy and can be done from your iOS device. Just:

  • Open the Settings application on your device.
  • Click “General” and then “Accessibility.”
  • Locate “Home” and click to open.
  • Voice Control is under “Press and Hold to Speak.”
  • You will be able to choose between “Siri,” “Voice Control,” and “Off.”
  • Select your preferred option.

Be aware that Siri requires an internet connection to function correctly, and Voice Control lets you control your AirPods even without an internet connection.

How Can I Disable Siri On My AirPods?

Disable Voice Control On AirPods
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Are you struggling with the double-tap on your AirPods? Would you want them to play and pause songs rather than summon Siri? See what you can do:

  • Get the AirPods out of their case and connect them to your device.
  • Launch the “Settings” application.
  • Access “Bluetooth.”
  • Swipe through “My Devices” and locate the AirPods.
  • Click the blue “i” icon on the right to access AirPods settings.
  • Swipe down to locate “Double-tap AirPod” and click to open.
  • Click one of the pods to view the options: Siri, Play/Pause, Next Track, Previous Track, Off.
  • Select an option that is not Siri.

Be aware that if you select “Off,” you will have to use your device to perform any of these actions. You should also know that the 1st generation of the AirPods does not come with the option of enabling Siri by saying, “Hey Siri.” She can only be summoned by double-clicking one of the pods, except you deactivated that option.

That is that.

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