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Amazon Prime is a very vital subscription we all need to register for. Even for those that do not shop online regularly, not having to part with delivery charges makes up the cost remarkably. It also comes with an added advantage of complete access to Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Books, and so on.

Sadly, though, it is not very cheap, with pricing beginning at $12.99 monthly and $119 yearly in America. The great news, however, is that there are legit ways to get Amazon Prime for free. They might not all be long term answers, but you can quickly take advantage of them to shop however you want. See the answer to your How Do I Get Amazon Prime For Free question:

1. Get A 30-Day Amazon Prime Free Trial:

Get Amazon Prime Free
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If you are not aware, Amazon provides a one-month free trial for users to confirm if they want to invest in it. If your subscription is canceled within one month, money won’t be deducted from your credit card. In fact, after canceling your subscription, Amazon sometimes extends the free access, possibly giving you a 2-month free trial. Also, if you are yet to register for Prime for about a year or longer, you might be allowed to register for the free trial again.

2. Get Prime For Students:

Get Amazon Prime Free
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As the name hints, it is a subscription plan that is only for students. Therefore, Amazon will need evidence that you are indeed a student via your .edu email address. In certain cases, you might need to provide transcripts, a college ID with an expiry date, or other documents to prove you are still in school. It is an amazing package to register for as it gives you a 6-month free trial, rather than only 1 month. When the six months elapses, the regular subscription plan will be available at a 50 percent discount too. It is currently available in Canada, the U.K e.t.c.

3. Get The Right Mobile Plan, Internet Connection, Or Credit Card:

Get Amazon Prime Free
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Network carriers, broadband providers, and credit card companies are known for attracting customers with their several premium plans, including a free, full-year subscription to Prime. See some companies that do offer Amazon Prime for free:

1. Metro By T-Mobile’s Highest-end Subscription:

Americans should be used to this plan by now, and it costs $60 monthly. Users will have access to Amazon Prime plus 100GB of cloud storage on Google One.

2. Vodafone:

UK residents should know that this network company offers an Amazon Prime Video subscription for about 24 months for whoever is looking to register for the yearly Red Entertainment package. The offer is for the £33 and £37 plans. Bear in mind that it is only Prime Video and not the entire Amazon Prime package; therefore no free delivery and other offers.

3. Airtel:

In India, customers who have a postpaid mobile plan of 499 rupees (~$7) or higher, or a 1,099 rupees (~$16) or more broadband plan will get 12-months Amazon Prime subscription for free. Vodafone Red subscribers who have a 399 rupees (~$6) plan or higher will also get a free Amazon Prime membership.

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