Samsung’s Galaxy S10 phones possess the display cutout to create space for the camera which is preferable to the notch according to several smartphone lovers.

S10 owners now have the opportunity to celebrate after Samsung recently updated the Edge Lighting+ app which comes along with the cutout notification LED feature for the Galaxy 10 phones.

Below is how to get the cool camera cutout notification ring on your Galaxy S10, S10e, or S10 Plus device:

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How Can I Get The Cutout Notification LED On My Galaxy S10 Phone?

Like I said earlier, Samsung used an update to make the cutout notification ring available to the Edge Lighting+ app, but, Edge Lighting+ can also function as a standalone app.

Lets direct you on how to enable the cutout notification ring with the Edge Lighting+ app:

  1. You have to download and install the most recent version of the EdgeLighting+ app.
  2. As soon as the app is downloaded and installed on your mobile device, open Edge Lighting+ from your app menu.
  3. After that, click “Effect.” which will be visible in the bottom bar.
  4. You will see several edge lighting effects that you can swipe through.
  5. Swipe to the end of these effects and an effect named “Eclipse.” would be visible. Click on it.
  6. By so doing, a preview of what the effect would appear like would be shown to you.
  7.  Click Done to make use of this edge lighting effect.

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How Can I Use Holey Light For Camera Cutout LED Effect?

  1. Get Holey downloaded and installed on the Play Store.
  2.  Open the app and read all the warnings and continue with the setup wizard.
  3. You can choose from 3 different animation styles: Swirl — Blink — Unholy Light.
  4. Click on any of the animation styles you prefer and that is that.
  5. The animation should be seen around your S10’s camera cutout.
  6. To disable the effect, just ensure the Holey Light function is toggled off with the toggle present on the top right corner of the app.

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