Accounts imitating celebrities online used to be very common, but not anymore. Do you know what we have to thank for that? Verification. Now we all know once an account with a celebrity name is verified, that is definitely the famous person’s account.

For regular users like you and I though, nobody is trying to pretend to be us, which is very safe if you ask me. However, some regular accounts users still search for ways to be verified as well, and it very possible.

In the past, Instagram was against verification for non-celebrity and non-brand accounts. The only way to do it back then was by having someone who is an Instagram employee. But last year, August to be precise, Instagram made application for verification available to all kinds of accounts. Therefore, anybody can apply for verification now and the process is straightforward.

Just access your Instagram profile, head to Settings choose “Account” and then “Request Verification.”

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After that, you will be prompted to submit pictures of ID and other identity documentation (utility bills, etc.) for Instagram to check and verify them. When that is done, the process can take about 1 month. Luckily for you, if you are rejected, you can always reapply.

But there is a catch. This catch is that even if everybody can now apply, the standards are still the same. Instagram is still saying the accounts have to be notable and should represent “a well-known, highly searched for person, brand or entity. We review accounts that are featured in multiple news sources, and we don’t consider paid or promotional content as sources for review.” Therefore, if you are popular on Instagram, you can get your verification seamlessly. But if you have sixteen followers and three of them are your family members, no chance.

How To Get Verified On Instagram – The Hard Way?

1. Ignore Instagram

Even if the aim is verification on Instagram, it is best to start without Instagram. I am talking about you creating a social presence that Instagram will want to be part of. This presence will make them know your worth and will force them to have you verified on their platform without you asking.

A normal social media marketing campaign would consider your brand, what it offers, its target audience and then choose the preferred social networks from there.

Give a lot of thoughts to who your target audience is and the social networks they use the most. Create a profile on it and make it a very rich one. Then start posting things they will find useful on a daily basis. A social media marketing campaign is mostly divided into 3 or 6-month segments. Plan 3 months’ worth of posts and content, connect your accounts to your company blog and exercise patience.

2. Build An Online Presence

The idea is to create useful content that your followers can benefit from because this has to be done for your brand to be recognized.

Months later, as soon as you have some worth of content on other social networks, create an Instagram account and connect them all. Include your company details and links to your site on your Instagram account and keep growing your brand. The more quality content you share, the more you will be seen as an account that will lure others to Instagram. This is important if you want to get verified.

The truth is getting verified on Instagram is not certain but these are great ways to influence it.

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How To Get Verified On Instagram – The Easy Way?

To be verified on Instagram, you can easily purchase a verified account from someone who no longer has a need for it.

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