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FacebookInstagramreal 750x400 1

Have you ever thought about how users share their Instagram posts to Facebook? It is not magic. It can be done by cross-linking your accounts. By so doing, you will be able to create posts, edit them and make Instagram share your picture or clip to a different platform.

Also, linking your accounts can notify your Facebook friends that you are now on Instagram. This simplifies the process of gaining followers from that network without needing to send out a “follow-me” message. Below is how to link Facebook and Instagram accounts on your iPhone or Android:

How Can I Link Facebook To Instagram?

This is a rapid and simple process, plus your Facebook login info is required.

  1. Launch Instagram and toggle over to your account profile (seen in the bottom toolbar).
  2. Click the 3 bars and choose “Settings.”
  3.  Click “Account” and then choose “Linked Accounts.”
  4. Click “Facebook” and get yourself logged into your Facebook account to confirm that you wish to link your Facebook account to Instagram.

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Before you share any posts, you must know that if you own a private Instagram, whatever you share to other social networks, like Facebook, will become public.

If you wish to unlink your Facebook account from your Instagram, this same instructions must be adhered to. The only difference is at the last stage – rather than logging into Facebook, simply click “Unlink Account” (for iOS) or “Unlink” (for Android.)

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