Snapchat is a social media application where images and clips fade away form the feed when they have been viewed.

Since it was developed 8 years ago, Snapchat has been adding several features like stickers, augmented reality (AR) objects e.t.c. The more the features, the higher Snapchat users are becoming too. As at February last year, the app had 187 million users on a daily basis, the number must’ve drastically increased by now.

One feature users love is the one that aids group chats, released in 2016. Even if this move was rejected at the time because it was a “different way to copy Instagram”, the feature is now used by several users and surely, Snapchat spiced things up their own way as well.

In this tutorial, i will break down how the group chat feature works, how groups can be edited and managed. I will also let you know how you can remove anyone that you do not want in the group.

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All You Should Know About Snapchat Features

When the update first got rolled out, users were allowed to create groups with about sixteen members, but Snapchat has enhanced the feature to let groups include 32 members. What makes the group feature stand out is because the group dissolves after one day, just like Snapchat stories. All messages sent also fade away, even if they are yet to be opened by other people in the chat. For group members that see the message, it goes away immediately after they view it.

How To Begin A Group Chat On Instagram?

The creation of a group chat is simple. Simply click “Chat,” and click all the people in your Friends list that you intend to involve in the chat. Only those in your Friends list can be added. As soon as you have chosen everybody, click “Chat” and you are done. You can give the group a name, make a group call or video chat or send normal chat messages.

Who Is In Your Group?

If you got added to a Snapchat group, you might need to be sure of who is in it alongside yourself before you begin to share your snaps. Seeing everyone involved in the chat is simple and before you begin to share stuff, you will need to be aware of those that are viewing it. As we all know, sharing with friends is not the same as sharing with people you do not know.

You can see every member of the group by heading to the group settings. Click menu on the left hand side of your screen to view every group member. It will appear like the avatar of the person who got into the group first, beside the group’s name. You will also be able to view who is presently active in the group by looking above your device’s keyboard. The names of current members will be revealed there.

If you just need to confirm who in the group saw your chats, click and hold on the snap or message you sent. You can view who saw it and who saved it.

How Can I Edit Groups In Snachat?

In several social media applications, the person who created the group will have some administrative powers and abilities, but Snapchat is all about democracy so the Snapchat group owner will have no extra-ordinary power. All group members will be able to give the group a new name or add people however they like. Everyone in the group can head to the group settings and alter anything that is there.

Be aware that if anyone decides to quit a group, every contribution of theirs to the group will fade away, i mean disappear. Snapchat, by nature, lasts for just a short time. Even the person gets an invite to come back into the group, but whatever they have shared will remain gone and cannot come back.

How Can I Remove People From Snapchat Groups?

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The sad part is that there is no way to directly get rid of somebody in a Snapchat group. As soon as somebody gets into a group, they will remain in it until the group gets dissolved. But there are 3 alternative ways to still make this happen:

1. Tell Them To Leave: The one individual that can get rid of someone from a Snapchat group is that individual. Therefore, simply ask the individual to exit the group.
2. Hold On For The Group To Expire: If no one adds a fresh snap to the chat, after a day, the group expires and disappears. You can simply hold on for that to happen.
3. Create A New Group: This will let you let go of the content in the group, but you are allowed to create a different group with all the people in the first group apart from that member you want to get rid of. Doing this will make all members in the new group exit the initial group, leaving the troublemaker all by himself or herself. This is quite harsh, i know, but it might be the only way.

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