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Even if there are several streaming platforms out there like YouTube Gaming and Mixer, Twitch is still the best option around. It lets streamers interact with their viewers via the chat feature and users will be allowed to earn followers and subscribers the same way it is done on other social media and streaming websites, but it is strictly about gaming.

You can make lots of cash with Twitch, however, you also need to play well and be exciting enough to attract viewers to your chat section. Gradually, as you increase your audience, your success on the platform will be guaranteed.

However, how can you confirm the number of viewers you have and where can you view your total viewer count? We will break that down nicely for you. You will be able to check your Twitch statistics to confirm how many viewers you attracted during a live session. This tool helps you to know what works and what does not, and it also aids the perfection of the streams you intend to work on in the future. See How To See All My Viewers On Twitch:

The Viewer List:

This list reveals the names of people linked to your chat. Only registered Twitch users will be visible, including those that are not active at that point in time. The tool will remember all users who visited your channel at least once. The report can be checked by tapping on the button close to “Settings,” way down on the chat. The report does not indicate your total viewer count though, and it does not consider viewers logged out of their Twitch accounts.

See Viewers Twitch
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How Can I Check Who Is Watching Me On Twitch?

To confirm who is watching you on Twitch, check the icon at the top right of the chat section that resembles 2 stick figures. This section will reveal all the people in the chat. Their usernames will be visible, including their category. The available categories include “Broadcaster,” “Staff,” and “Moderators.”

To know the total number of viewers in the stream, simply check the red number you will see immediately underneath. In the pic below, 28,272 people were viewing.

See Viewers Twitch
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How Can I See Everyone Who Is Viewing My Stream?

Sadly, it is not possible. Twitch does not support this option. You can see who is watching based on the chatbox, however, it only reveals those who are connected via chat and not the people who are yet to log in.

That is that.

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