There are new Android phones everywhere you look. And when you purchase a new one and start to feel like you have arrived, a newer one will be released.

This is always our reason to upgrade. but when we step up, what happens to our devices? That’s your decision to make.

However, is your decision to sell it? Then we can be of help to make it a smooth process.

See below to see our instructions on how you can get your smartphone ready to sell online:

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How Can I Sell My Phone On Swappa?

Swappa is a marketplace that allows you to sell your mobile devices, tabs, laptops, cameras and other tangible electronics. The website makes use of a flat, scaling charge according to the price of your smartphone, which the buyer will part with. If you intend to sell your smartphone for let’s say, $300, you will receive $300 but whoever is buying will pay $310.

How Can I Sell My Phone On eBay?

Anything can be sold on eBay, but this website has unique tools to allow you to sell used smartphones. Simply type in your device’s model, carrier, capacity, and condition, and eBay’s phone seller tool will show an estimate of the amount you will receive for your device according to identical listings that got sold in the past.

To increase your earnings, it is wise to check Swappa and eBay for comparison of present prices on the two websites. Bear in mind that eBay will charge you something based on how much your phone is sold for, so be aware of that when you set a price for your smartphone.

How Can I Sell My Phone On Best Buy?

If you want to purchase your next device from Best Buy and need to avoid haggling over prices with a potential buyer, this store provides a trade-in program for several devices. You will most likely receive less than you will get if you sold it personally, but if you plan on getting popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10, you might receive some added promotional credit that will make up that deficit. Go to and you will be shown a quote for roughly how much your device will be sold for if you hand over its sale to Best Buy.

How Can I Sell My Phone On Gamestop?

Just like Best Buy, this platform will also provide some trade-in value for your smartphone. The money can be received in the form of cash or store credit. Again, you will not get as much as you would if you sold it yourself, but, if you aim to step up to a new console and have an old device lying around, it might be faster to trade it in here than sell via a different website.

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How Can I Sell My Phone On Gazelle?

If you need cash for your device quickly but do not fancy dealing with store credits or promotional schemes, this platform provides seamless trade-ins. Go to and receive a quote. If you accept it, you will receive a free shipping label plus a box so you can send your device in.

Immediately Gazelle gets it and confirms it is in a good state, it will send you cash through a check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card. Gazelle also powers lots of trade-in kiosks all over the country that will pay you cash immediately. Check here to locate anyone close to you.

How Can I Sell My Phone On NextWorth?

Just like Gazelle, NextWorth allows you to receive a trade-in value online and ship your device in to be paid. It does not possess the same network of kiosks like Gazelle, but you might locate a better trade-in value on specific devices, therefore ensure both are checked before you part with your smartphone.

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