iPad Pro is a beautiful tablet and some users even believe it is the best model Apple has launched to date. It is brilliant at multitasking and lets you make your workflow more effective. Splitting the screen is just one of the ways to get the most from iPad Pro.

This tutorial will show you what to do to take full advantage of the split-screen feature. A unique section is dedicated to iOS 13 Beta which takes this feature to the next level and offers a more streamlined workflow.

Simple Split-Screen Actions

Apple named it split-screen Split View, and we will call it just that in this tutorial. This is how to get it done:

  1. Open and application and scroll up to access the iPad dock. Click and hold the other application on the dock, then have it dragged to the right side of the display.
  2. When the app is released, it opens in Slide Over. To get Split View, move the window resizing bar down and both applications would pop together and cover the full screen. Be aware that in iOS 12, the Slide Overview will only be visible on the right side of the screen.

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Adjustments And Closing

If you need the applications to occupy equal screen space, move the divider to the middle of the screen. To get Slide Over, you need to scroll down one or the other application. Surely, you should scroll from the top of the screen. Immediately you are through with multitasking, simply move the divider all the way to the right or left to exit the app. Apart from iPad Pro, Split View is also effective in iPad Air 2 and more recent versions. 5th generation iPad and newer models are allowed too, as well as iPad mini 4 and newer models.

Split View File Sharing

Split View lets you drag and drop pictures, text, and other files from one application into another. For instance, text can be copied from Notes into an email and then you can add clips or images from Photos.

  1. Get the applications in Split View and make adjustments to the window size until it is to your taste. This also functions in Slide Over but Split View allows you to have a superior overview of the files you wish to share.
  2. Click and hold the file or image you wish to use. When it lifts up, simply drag and drop it into the destination application. There is an option to choose multiple files/pictures. To get this done, lift one picture/file up and use another finger to add more items (a badge will be visible to display how many you have selected).

If you want to move text, select the full text first, – press onto the text and select “Select All” from the pop-up bar. Click and hold the selected text and, when it lifts from the application, it would be possible to drag and drop it into the other app.

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Picture In Picture

This one is not identical to Split View, but the feature is useful if you wish to FaceTime as you play a game or watch a clip. Click the “arrow in the box” icon to scale the window down and get the picture in picture view.

This can be done with the main or the second application window. For instance, users can minimize the clip they are viewing and make a FaceTime call full screen or vice versa. To go back to the complete screen, click the scale icon once more.

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