iphone 11 pro
iphone 11 pro

The iPhone’s microphone and Siri smart assistant are important tools for hands-free commands and dictation. However, they can both be a massive disadvantage when you mistakenly call your boss late in the night because you woke Siri up with your voice unintentionally, or if you are bothered about somebody hearing your recordings.

Luckily for you, preventing these kinds of mistakes before they occur is possible when you deactivate microphone access for Siri and any apps you feel might record you. See below for the instructions to adhere to if you want to deactivate microphone access on your iPhone, along with the “Hey Siri” wake line:

How Can I Make My iPhone Stop Listening To Me?

Deactivate microphone access for specific applications.

  • Launch your iPhone’s Settings application.
  • Swipe or search for the “Privacy” settings page.
  • On this page, click “Microphone.”

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  • A list of every app that has access to your mic would be visible. Click the slider close to each one if you wish to cancel their access, the slider should be coloured grey when deactivated.

You can also stop microphone access when a new app is installed. When you are prompted for access, simply tap “Don’t Allow.”

How Can I Disable “Hey Siri”?

  • Once more, launch Settings.
  • Swipe down to “Siri & Search”. If you want to search for it, pls do.
  • Deactivate “Listen for Hey Siri” way up on the screen by clicking the switch close to it.

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You are done.

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