Watch Twitch Television Without Roku
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Amazon buying Twitch birthed a lot of amazing features on the platform, including Twitch Prime. However, the purchase also ensures it is impossible to watch Twitch on a Roku device since Roku is a major competition for Amazon.

Twitch used to provide a fully-featured application for Roku devices. But sadly, if you attempt to download the application right now, you will be informed that the app has been shut down. Even if you had downloaded the application before it was shut down, it can no longer be used.

If you ever find a way to still use it, you will most definitely be faced with several bugs and broken features that will simply make things difficult. Not to worry though, to watch Twitch on your TV, it is best to just use another device. See the answer to your How Do I Watch Twitch On My Television Without Using Roku: question:

How Can I Watch Twitch On My TV Without A Roku Device?

If you are not aware, even if the Twitch application cannot be downloaded anymore, it is yet to be removed from Roku devices that had it before. Meaning, if the application is already on your device, it could still work, although there will be lots of faults and missing features.

However, this is super unlikely. Recent testing has confirmed that despite the channel being downloaded, accessing it will reveal a message informing you that the channel does not work anymore.

Watch Twitch Television Without Roku
Photo credit: Business Insider

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Therefore, if you are super psyched up about watching Twitch on your television, a different streaming device is required. Using a Chromecast, Twitch can be watched on your device or PC and “casted” to your TV. This will definitely put all your preferred streams up on the big screen.

Several streaming devices provide their personal native Twitch applications, including:

  • Every Amazon Fire TV device.
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Apple TV.
Watch Twitch Television Without Roku
Photo credit: Business Insider

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A few smart television sets also come with their personal Twitch applications. If you own a Samsung-brand smart television and a Samsung smartphone, you can also use the Samsung Smart View application to mirror Twitch from your smartphone to the television.

To be more technical about it, hooking your PC with your TV will also help. It simply lets you use the television as a 2nd monitor and watching your favorite content would be seamless.

That is that.

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