How does smartphone camera lead young people's photography trend?

Front camera development, selfie trend to the throne

Keywords of 2013 - Selfie is no stranger to today's youth. Attached to the strong development stage of smartphones, selfie or also called "selfie" since then has always been one of the features that users are interested in on the phone. This form of photography can be found anywhere, from shopping centers, parks, commercial centers to "to the cloud" with social networks, photo storage and sharing services,...

Selfie is now popular and is an important feature on smartphones today

So to see the need to take portraits of each person is huge. Obviously, it is impossible to do it every day, every hour or anywhere, compared to having to pick up a photographer who has a heart with a piece of terrible equipment to capture for himself. The improved "like-in-the-ball" mode of smartphones and front-facing cameras helps to make selfie more prevalent, meeting the self-satisfaction needs of young users. And it is understandable that selfie is an important factor that makes success for some manufacturers. As in Vietnam, OPPO with the slogan "Selfie expert" is the first name mentioned when users want to find beautiful selfie smartphones.

From selfie to Portrait mode

When the rear dual camera movement gradually became a trend-setting device for "birth" smartphones from 2017 up to now, the photography of young people is not merely "taking a selfie" but also becoming extreme "technology" with Portrait mode.

Portrait mode when the "double swords" with the first front / rear camera cluster will provide the ability to take photos off the background with the background behind being blurred to create bokeh, looking magic. Font deletion images used to be like special privileges for those with a professional camera snapshot. However, with the development of technology and the effort to popularize this feature of large smartphone companies like OPPO, having a true portrait of art becomes easier for younger users than ever.

The phone has a "miraculous" Portrait mode like this, so there's no need for a camera

The creativity of young people is without limits and Portrait mode seems to be the crystallization of understanding that when not only bringing photos to remove fonts like professional cameras, but also opening up a series of Other fun results like studio lighting effects, split background in one touch screen, transform into 3D characters / funny animations, ... It opens up greater opportunities to unleash creativity and being able to Show yourself of Millenials generation in the era of digital connectivity today.

Dozens of "standard studio" effects in Portrait mode help not only the selfie but also the users have the best art, no touch

It is the potential and attraction for such large users so this will be hot equipment and almost mandatory in many products launched in the near future. OPPO's "selfie expert" did not hesitate to update this feature on their phones. If OPPO F9 and R17 Pro users are used to the Portrait mode with a built-in "studio" effect, OPPO's upcoming F11 Pro model promises to enhance this feature with many improvements advancing both quality and effect. Because recently, the carrier revealed TVC F11 Pro with slogan "Brilliant Portrait in low light" emphasizing portraits in low-light conditions.

No longer a pure selfie, effects, and features integrated into Portrait mode to create a more "tech" image. It is no wonder that this is a new trend of mobile photography among young people as a way to affirm each other's personality and personality.

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