How to Eliminate WiFi Dead Spots (Zones)

We can find WiFi at everywhere, at our home, office or any public place like transit stations, libraries, restaurants, etc. But still, the majority of desktop computers use the Ethernet connection for the Internet, while the tablets, smartphones, and laptops mostly use a WiFi connection whenever available. And as we know, the WiFi is nothing but the radio signals that transmit over the particular area. They can be interfered or obstructed with something, and this creates “WiFi Dead Zones” or “WiFi Dead Spots” in your home or office. It is the area which is covered by the WiFi network but does not receive any radio signals.

How to Eliminate WiFi Dead Spots (Zones)

How to find WiFi Dead Spots and what they affect?

You can quickly check the areas in your home or office to locate the WiFi dead spots. It is very frustrating to have a WiFi dead spot at the place you love the most to work. It hurts your productivity rate by restricting your movements and giving you less flexibility and fun. Fortunately, there are solutions available to Eliminate WiFi Dead Spots and let you enjoy working at your comfort.

Eliminating WiFi Dead Spots (Zones)

There are some solutions available to fix the problem of WiFi dead spots, check them below.

  • Remove or Reposition Obstructions: You can easily find the obstructions like a microwave oven, a metal file cabinet, an aquarium, and the other things which obstruct the signals from your WiFi router and creating dead spots. Remove or reposition such things and get maximum coverage of a WiFi signal.
  • Adjusting Router’s Antenna: Make sure that your router’s antenna is placed up and points in vertical position. Of course, you will get WiFi signals if you position it horizontally, but not at every place.
  • Repositioning your WiFi Router: If you set your router at some corner in your home or office, there is a possibility that you find a WiFi dead spot on the opposite side of it. Try to reposition your router, such that it doesn’t get any obstruction very next to it.
  • Up-to-Date Your Router: Make sure that you get regular software updates from the router’s manufacturer. Some router gets updates automatically, while some need manual up gradation. Check the website of your router manufacturer frequently and update your router software.

If you have tried out all pf the above options and still getting dead spots in your WiFi signal, then don’t get panic. You can still get relief from the WiFi dead zones using some gadgets available in the market. Read ahead…

WiFi Antenna Booster

A WiFi antenna booster helps you to get a better reception in your PC or laptop. A best WiFi antenna booster can extend the range of a WiFi signal over 200 yards or so. But, selecting the best WiFi antenna booster for your laptop is not an easy and straightforward task, so you need to be choosy and should get the reference from review sites and blogs for getting one. I have already started using one from the list of the best WiFi antenna boosters and got excellent results as well. It is a good option to extend your WiFi signal range and eliminate WiFi dead spots.

USB WiFi Adapter

A USB WiFi Adapter is a small and compact sized device which easily plugs into the USB port of your laptop or desktop computer. It delivers lightning-fast connection speed by pairing with your AC router. It comes with push-button connections and easy installation process. A Best USB WiFi Adapter helps you to get rid of the WiFi dead spots at any place in your home or office.

PowerLine Networking Kit

The powerline networking kit transmits the internet signal over the electrical wirings of your home. It eliminates the use of additional cables and WiFi extender to improve the range of your WiFi signals and thus to play a good part in eliminating WiFi dead spots (zones).

The WiFi networks have changed the way of using our smart devices at home or office. We need to sit in front of our computer table to use the cabled internet connection. But, with this high accessibility, some causes come along too (Here, WiFi dead spots). The WiFi dead spots are a frustrating thing to anyone. If you use right tools and methods, then you can surely eliminate them.


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