How many megabytes and data traffic does Spotify consume?

Spotify is a free service that allows you to stream music anywhere with your smartphone, but what are its data consumption?

Listening to music on Spotify from a smartphone has become free for a while, but how many megabytes/data traffic does Spotify consume while streaming our favorite music? Here are the results of a test to see how many megs and jigs consume Spotify per month.

In many developing countries, unfortunately, the telephone companies have very “restricted” tariff plans from the point of view of the MB and the GB of internet browsing, so we must be very careful, because if we use Spotify too often we risk breaking the monthly or weekly GB required by our plan and to find ourselves at the end of the month a particularly heavy telephone bill.

According to some tests it was possible to clarify what is the real data consumption of the music streaming service.

MB Spotify consumption per minute (varies depending on the selected audio quality):

  • 96 kbps quality -> 0.72 MB per minute
  • Quality 160 kbps -> 1.2 MB per minute
  • Quality 320 kbps -> 2.4 MB per minute

Monthly Spotify consumption in the UK:

  • 96 kbps: 43 MB in an hour, 1.34 GB in a month
  • 160 kbps: 72 MB in an hour, 2.23 GB in a month
  • 320 kbps: 144 MB in an hour, 4.46 GB in a month

In practice, using  Spotify only with your "mobile" plan you shouldn't have any problems even if you only have 2GB of traffic per month.

If instead, you have a telephone plan that offers only 1GB of navigation a month, be careful, because you risk exhausting all the traffic available to you in a short time (not recommended if you are not under WiFi network).

Fortunately, the app for mobile devices still offers the possibility of setting a default quality for listening to songs depending on the connection (mobile or wireless) that is used for listening.

The advice is to set the 160 kbps quality to the maximum, even if with the 96 kbps quality you will be able to listen to discreet quality music.

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