How to Access Column View in iPadOS Files App


There are some times when multiple PDF files that have similar names get you into trouble when you need to pick and email just one of them. Opening each folder, then remembering the name of the file before proceeding to attach it in an email is a really daunting task. iPadOS 13 has come up with a solution to make this simple with a new feature of Column View. This solves the equation of previewing the files with ease.

Now, flowing through the sub-folders and the files present in them is easier than ever. You can easily access Column View from the Files app in iPad. Check out an easy way to use it below.

How to Use Column View in iPadOS Files App

  1. First off, launch the Files app on your iPad.
  2. Next up, tap on Browse and proceed to select the folder you wish to explore.
  3. Now you should see the Column View icon at the top right corner of the screen. This will display the folders with arrows. You can expand the folder by simply tapping on it.

You can also go on to see the preview of a particular file within the folders by tapping on it. This can be done without even opening the file.

To open a file, simply tap on the preview and then tap on Open. You can also check out information like date, size, kind of file, and many more.

That's all!

There are also other things you can change such as the column view to Grid or List View. To do this, simply tap on the top right corner. Easy as ABC! Using this feature, you can even preview PDF files even before you edit them.

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