Apple Music on Amazon Echo
Apple Music on Amazon Echo

Finally, Apple Music lands on Echo devices and becomes compatible with Alexa also here. You can then ask the Amazon virtual assistant to play your favorite songs, artists, albums, playlists and radio stations (like Beats1) on the Apple platform.

In this guide, we at TecHLecToR will show you how to configure the streaming service offered by the Cupertino giant on your Amazon device.

Configure Apple Music on Amazon Echo

Would you like to take advantage of your Apple Music subscription on your Echo device? Then this guide is for you. In fact, below we will show you how to connect the Apple service with Alexa. The procedure is very simple, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Launch the “Amazon Alexa” application on your smartphone;
  2. Open the side menu by pressing the  button at the top left and select the “Skills and Games” item;
  3. In the search field type “Apple Music”, the official Apple Skills will appear among the results;
  4. Click on the “Enable use” button;
  5. Enter your Apple ID account associated with Apple Music and authorize access.

Once your account is connected to Amazon Alexa, you can set Apple Music as the default music service. In this way, each time you ask Alexa to start a piece of music, it will be played directly through the Apple service.

To do this, simply – always from the Alexa application on your smartphone – click on “Go to music settings” and select Apple Music as the default music service among those listed.

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