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If you would like to activate Call Divert also known as Call Forwarding on Android without apps then you have definitely come to the right place. For those that don’t know what Call Divert/Call Forwarding is, it is a way to reroute incoming calls to your line to another desired line. You get to choose the other number where the incoming calls get directed/forwarded to.

Different people have different reasons for activating this feature on their devices. Some people use to get some me time while they are maybe on a vacation. They do this so as still be able to make calls with the line but not receive. Some others use it to avoid roaming charges while they are also on a vacation in another country. The reasons are endless. Regardless of the reasons you might have, you can activate it on your Android device. More importantly, you can do so without the need for third-party apps.

Although there are probably apps you can use to achieve this but why use an app to do something you can equally do without it? A third-party app will just take unnecessary spaces on your Android device. Without apps, there are still two ways to go about it this and we will be looking at both here.

How To Activate Call Divert/Call Forwarding on Android Without Apps

First Method

The first step requires the use of the stock dialer app to activate call forwarding on Android without any app. However, the process may differ depending on the manufacturer of the particular device.

– Open the stock Phone/Dialer App.

– Tap on the Three Dots(Might be 3 line) at the top right side of the screen.

– Now Select Settings from the drop-down Menu and Choose Call Settings.

– Select Call Forwarding.

– You’ll be presented with different types of call forwarding.

a. Always Forward: Selecting this means all you incoming calls goes to another phone number you choose.

b. Forward When Busy: When your line is busy/ you’re on another call, other incoming calls go to your chosen other phone number.

c. Forward When Unanswered: Calls get forwarded to the other number when the incoming call is unanswered.

d. Forward When Unreached: Incoming calls are forwarded when your line is unreachable.

– Choose any of the above based on which you want, set the forwarding number and Tap Ok or Enable.

Just like that. Call forwarding has been activated on your Android device without the need for a third-party app.

Second Method

The second method is by going through dial codes which you can sometimes forget. However, you can write it down somewhere just in case.

– Always Forward: * 21*

– Forward When Busy: * 004* or * 67*

– Forward when you don’t pick up: * 61*

– Forward when out of range: * 62*

All you have to do is chose the one you would like to activate, type in the code, add a secondary phone number (when the calls get pushed to), Add # and Send. For example, *21*080211122233# and send. Pretty easy Right?


These are perhaps the only two ways to activate call divert/call forwarding on Android without apps. All other methods out there involves the use of apps.

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