How to activate Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Little by little the Dark Mode is coming to the interface of the most important applications for mobile devices (even Android already has its own option for the operating system). Well, if you want to use the one included in Facebook Messenger, you must perform the steps that we will indicate.

The messaging application of which we speak is one of the most used worldwide and offers many options that allow you to compete without problems with other similar markets such as WhatsApp or Telegram (as long as you have an account in the known Social network). The case is that for some time it is known that the company led by Mark Zuckerberg are working on a Dark Mode, but this to date is hidden – except for the testers of Facebook Messenger.

Well, there are steps to activate this option and take advantage of the black colors that include, apart from being attractive and positive to use the application in low-light places, it also allows devices with AMOLED screen that consume less energy -lo that increases autonomy. Of course, there are limitations: it does not work in the terminals with iOS and, in Android, the device must be rooted (something that can be followed with the steps indicated in here).

Steps to activate night mode in Facebook Messenger

It is not especially complicated to achieve this goal, and what you have to do to go with the Dark Mode to  Facebook Messenger – and, therefore, have a new look at least when it comes to color – is the following:

  • Download the APK with the latest version of the application on this link and proceed to the manual installation of Facebook Messenger. To do this, click on the downloaded file and follow the steps that appear on the screen
  • Open the development and access using your username and password on Facebook
  • Now get an application that allows executing actions in the command line in a Terminal, such as this free that we leave below:

Download Termux

Developer: Fredrik Fornwall

  • Open this last application and type the following: su, and then press Enter. Now you must grant privileges of super user since your phone is rooted. Accept this If everything went well in the next line of the application you will see a hashtag next to the cursor
  • Now you have to write the following without changing anything: am start -n “com facebook orca com facebook ABtest gkprefs GkSettingsListActivity. You will access the hidden menu of Facebook Messenger
  • The next thing to do is click on Search Gatekeepers and then type dark and use the OK button. In all the sections that appear on the screen below Dark, you must change the NO option for YES
  • Now restart the phone
  • Open the Facebook Messenger application again and select your profile picture. Now look in Preferences and in the list that appears you will see the possibility of activating the Dark Mode. Activate the slider and you will have finished

If you do not like what you see, you should simply disable the slider in the Preferences and you will see the white interface in the Facebook application again. That’s how simple everything is.

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