How To Activate Samsung Galaxy S9 Flashlight Widget


We are going to be discussing how to activate Samsung Galaxy S9 Flashlight Widget. This has been a very much needed feature in the previous Samsung Smartphones and seriously long overdue.

If you have ever been in a dark place with any of the previous Samsung Galaxy phones. Then you would really appreciate the fact that this feature has finally been added in the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Although, some previous Samsung Galaxy phone users have had to download third party flashlight app from the Google Play store. Nothing beats an inbuilt feature added by the smartphone manufacturer.

Activate Samsung Galaxy S9 Flashlight widget

As much as i would like to say that these third party flashlight apps are very helpful. Especially for those with Smartphones that did not come with the inbuilt flashlight feature. They can also be frustrating and giving too many unnecessary problems. Ranging from eating up the RAM to showing too many pop up ads just to name a few.

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I understand that these apps are doing us a favour. By allowing people to download the app from the Google play store and use. All for free. In return, they show us some advertisements that may or may not interest us. While some of these apps keep the advertisement on a minimum, some others go overboard with it. Thereby making using their app an Herculean task.

One would start to think why the phone manufacturer did not bother put something as basic as a flashlight on their device. Leaving you to suffer at the hands of those numerous third party apps that want to monetize evey inch of their app.

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Some might be okay with the ad, some other might not. But if the flashlight was added to our device by the smartphone manufacturers, there would be no ad in that flashlight. Most importantly, there won't be an app running in the background, taking up RAM space just to use the flashlight.

Reasons like this are why it is best for phones to come with something as basic as a flashlight. Thankfully, Samsung has taken note of that. And have added this feature in their latest Smartphone; The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

The device comes with its own inbuilt flashlight widget. The widget can be added to the home screen which can easily and seamlessly be accessed.

How To Activate Samsung Galaxy S9 Flashlight Widget

Turn On Your Samsung Galaxy S9.

Press and Hold anywhere there is no app on your home screen until the wallpaper and widget comes up at the bottom of your device.

Select Widgets

⚫ Slide through the numerous Widgets until you find the Torch Widget.

⚫ Now Press, Hold and Drag the widget to anywhere you want it to be on your Samsung Galaxy S9 home screen and let go.

Tap The widget to turn On or Off the Flashlight.

⚫ You can also Swipe Down the notification bar to access and turn of the Flashlight and also turn it off.


It took Samsung a very long time to add something as basic as a flashlight widget on their device which is not supposed to be so. Other phones have had this feature for a while now but i guess it is better late than never right ?

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Now that you know how to activate samsung Galaxy S9 Flashlight widget. You can go on and uninstall those third party apps that have been taking up both your internal storage and RAM now that you have the widget for all you flashlight needs.

  1. Vile says

    CoRreCt!! It seems to be gone… SUPER AGGRAVATING!.. only way to turn it on is through fast as I can figure out..

  2. Jen says

    My “flashlight” is gone, too, and I can’t find it either! I think it went away in the last update!

  3. Crioney says

    Help i cant find my flashlight widget or torch widget. It doesnt show up in settings or even when i swipe down with two fingers i tryed searching for it in the settings search bar and couldnt find it. Is my phone defected?

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