Add Password To Nintendo Switch
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I need not tell you how sad it is to not have an official way to provide password protection for the Nintendo Switch. This is bad news for those who wish to keep their consoles safe from external use. Not to worry though, because there is a useful way to avoid this stumbling block on your device.

Yes, it is an unofficial way, but it is very effective if you need to protect your Switch from unauthorized use and we will break it down below. To make things easier for you, the method is not complicated in any way. See How To Add A Password To Nintendo Switch:

Add Password To Nintendo Switch
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How Can I Add A Password To My Nintendo Switch Via Switch Parental Controls?

A good way to give your Switch a password is by using the Mobile Switch Parental Controls application. Even if the parental control options are available on the control, the password options can be avoided by using a Master Key. And anybody can lay their hands by heading to the Nintendo Parental Controls PIN Reset site.

The Parental Controls application can be downloaded from the Apple iOS Store or Play Store. For installation and setup of the app, do this:

  • Download the application on your smartphone and tap “Install.”
  • In “Home,” on the Switch, select “System Settings.”
  • In Menu, swipe down to “Parental Controls” and choose it.
  • Tap “Use Your Smart Device.”
  • Select “Yes.”
  • You will be asked to type in the registration code that is provided by your application. This can be gotten by launching the Mobile app and tapping “Next.”
  • Type in the code on your Switch.
  • Tap “Register.”
  • Tap “Continue Setup on Smart Device.”
Add Password To Nintendo Switch
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This is where you will be able to set the options on the application to set a password on your Nintendo Switch.

  • Head to “Select Restriction Level.”
  • Select the highest restriction level. This limitation is not the same for all countries, ensure you select the youngest age.
  • On “Posting to Social Media,” select “Restrict.”
  • On “Communicate with others,” select “Restrict.”
  • Wrap up setup by tapping “Next.”

That is that.

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