Social media is an exciting place. On Instagram, you must’ve come across links in the Instagram stories of famous people and brands. In an Instagram story, there is an option way down on the screen named “See More,” and scrolling up displays a new webpage.

Also, you might often be swiping through the main Instagram feed and view some sponsored posts with official links under the image. However, if you dig deep to find how you can include your own links, you will most likely get confused and end up seeing nothing.

As you know, Instagram marketing is booming and marketing managers and social media managers have been hammering on how important Instagram traffic is for your online store or webpage. Therefore, let’s show you How To Add Links To Instagram Posts And Stories?:

How Can I Add A Link To My Instagram Story?

Sadly, presently, only popular Instagram accounts and brands are can add links to their Instagram stories. You need to be “verified,” and only a few accounts have this privilege right about now. Without this verification, it is practically impossible and verification cannot happen if you have a little following or if you are not a celebrity.

You can always type a link in the text you overlay on your story. However, it will not be clickable to anyone that sees it. We can only hope that Instagram will make the feature available to everyone soon, and not just public figures and brands. And this might be the case in the nearest future because of Snapchat’s latest update adding support for links.

How Can I Add A Link To Your Instagram Posts?

Unlike Instastories, you can add links to your Instagram posts, but it is not too straightforward. You can add any URL of your choice in the caption of your picture, but it will not link anywhere. The only known way to add a link directly to your Instagram picture is to part with cash. Instagram allows advertisers to use links when they pay money.

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If you really want to promote a site or link somewhere via your Instagram, the most effective way is to key into Instagram’s advertising platform. Posts can be boosted for as little as $1, and the posts will be seen with a link you provide with analytics.

If you want to advertise on Instagram, firstly, you have to convert your personal account into a business account. Not to worry, it changes nothing. It will only add more features like analytics tracking, phone/email links (optional). And you will be allowed to boost posts too.

This can be done by heading to your profile and clicking “Settings.” After that, swipe and choose “Switch to Business Profile.” Click “Continue” a few times to make the switch. Now, head to any picture on your profile and click “Promote.” You will be directed to Facebook, where Instagram handles its ads. You will now be able to add a link and submit your payment there.

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