Instagram is aware that users always have to manage several identities. Lots of users actually run both personal and business accounts, for instance, and this is why the social media platform has simplified the process of switching within its iPhone and Android applications, and creating more accounts from inside the app.

Users can create and switch among up to 5 Instagram accounts. You just have to make use of another email account for each one. For more details on what this all about, let’s get into it below:

How Can I Add Account On Instagram?

  1. Launch the Instagram application on your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Head to your profile page by clicking the account button in the bottom-right corner of the display.
  3. Click the 3 horizontal lines (the hamburger menu) in the top-right, and then click “Settings” in the menu that will be shown to you.
  4. Click “Add Account.”
  5. Click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the sign-in page.
  6. Enter the username you wish to use for this new account and click “Next.”
  7. Because you already have an existing Instagram account, you will be presented with 2 options. You can automatically log in using an existing account. It is comfortable but if you decide to go for this option, anybody that has access to the first account can automatically get access to this new one too. Or you can click “Add password instead” for the creation of a new and special password for the account. This option is not so smooth but it is safer since the account won’t be automatically linked to any other accounts.
  8. Click “Complete Sign Up.” On the following pages, you are allowed to connect to Facebook and locate contacts on Instagram. If you wish, you can skip these steps.
  9. Wrap up the setup by including a profile picture.

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How Can I Switch Instagram Accounts?

As soon as you have created more Instagram accounts, it is possible to switch among them with just a click. Be cautious, however, immediately you have above one account in the application, you can mistakenly post using the wrong identity.

Below are the 2 ways to switch accounts:

  1. Click “account” at the bottom right of the screen and head to your profile page, then click the name of your account at the top of the page. A drop-down menu will be visible with all your accounts listed. Click the one you wish to use.
  2. Click and hold the account button at the bottom right of the display. After a while, a drop-down menu will be visible with all your accounts listed. Click the one you intend to use.

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