In the past 10 years, there have been numerous sagas involving privacy intrusions on the net.

Several everyday users and some famous persons have had their devices and social media accounts hacked, and that caused the leakage of private pictures online at times.

Hacking aside, we even hear about people seeing their pictures shared without their permission.

Dating sites like Badoo are included in the several breaches of privacy or trust, but Badoo users are fortunate, since they can hide their pictures from others. Even if this can also be breached, it is a security measure that could be really handy.

Keep reading to know how you can make your pictures private on Badoo.

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How Can I Upload Photos To Badoo?

If you are yet to join Badoo, you should. The application is loved by many. It is a massive platform to meet new people and find love.

It can be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices or you can make use of the browser version on your desktop computer.

This is how you can upload new pictures on Badoo:
Method 1

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Head to your profile by clicking the icon way down on your screen, in the right corner.
  3.  Close to your profile picture, a camera icon will be visible with a plus. Click it.
  4.  Choose the photo you intend to upload from your phone gallery. You can also upload photos straight from your Instagram or Facebook accounts if they are linked to your Badoo account.
  5. As soon as you choose it, press Add.

Method 2

  1. Launch app.
  2. Head to your profile screen.
  3. Click on the icon in the right corner, at the top.
  4. Choose Upload Photo.
  5. Select one or more photos you intend to add and Press Add.
  6. You can also choose Add Videos here if you intend to record and a new clip.

Method 3

  1. Launch Badoo on your device.
  2. Head to Edit Profile by clicking on the top right of your display.
  3. Choose any of your profile photos.
  4. At the bottom right, “Add More Photos” will be visible.
  5. Or, you can click on the 3 dots close to it and choose Upload New Photo.
  6. Get a photo you wish to add checkmarked in your gallery

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How Can I Add Private Pictures On Badoo?

Not all pictures should be available for everybody to see. Some pictures can be made private on Badoo by adhering to these instructions:

Method 1

  1. Open Badoo.
  2. Access your profile page.
  3. Press Edit Profile.
  4.  Choose any of the pictures you have uploaded.
  5. Click the 3 dots in the bottom right corner.
  6. Select to make it private.
  7. You will be notified that the process cannot be changed after the changes you are making. Confirm.

A new picture album will then be visible close to your pictures. This album is blacked out and possesses a lock icon on it. It houses all the pictures you have decided to keep private.

Method 1

  1. Head to your profile.
  2. Head to Edit Profile.
  3. Click on the Private photos album.
  4. Choose Add at the top right of your display.
  5. Select any photos you intend to add.
  6. They will be uploaded straight to this private album.

To get rid of a private picture, just select the one you intend to delete from this album and click Trash that will be visible in the right corner, way down on your screen.

What To Bear In Mind When Adding Private Pictures On Badoo?

You can add any picture of your choice to your private photo album on Badoo, but you must adhere to the instructions in the Terms and Conditions, plus guidelines offered by Badoo.

Pornographic pictures are prohibited even if some erotic contents can be on your private album. Violence or hate acts are not allowed, including pictures that might spread hatred. Badoo cannot be used to share any type of shocking imagery.

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