Add signature to text messages on Samsung Galaxy

You can now add a signature to text messages on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If you don’t already know to do this then don’t worry as we will be walking through the process in this article.

What is a Signature?

A Signature allows you to somewhat customize every text messages you send out on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone. Not a lot of people use this feature on their device; probably because they never knew of it or they do but just don’t care enough to make use of it.

The features make it easy to let people who do not have your number saved on their phone know the text message is coming from you. Thanks to the Signature you will get to add an extra message at the bottom of every outgoing text message. It is also idle for people who send business messages to a lot of people and would always like to look/sound professional with every text.

How Do I Add Signature To Text Messages On Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

No need for a third-party app, the only app needed is the Samsung Keyboard and since that comes pre-loaded on almost all Samsung phones, I guess you’re good to go. You can simply add signature to text messages on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by following the steps below.

  • First, Open the Settings Menu/App.
  • Navigate to Language & Input and Click on it.

  • Select The Samsung Keyboard.

  • Scroll Down and Look for Text Shortcuts. Click on the Text Shortcuts when you see it.

  • Now Tap the Add option located at the top right corner of the screen to add a text string script which will serve as a text Shortcut for your keyboard app.

  • First will be to enter a text in the Quick Access Field Which can serve as a world that comes before the main signature. For example, you can put “Signature;” or “From;” etc.

  • Next, you will now input a text in the Extended Text Field which is pretty much the main signature. For example, you can put “Yours Sincerely, Name, First Name” or “Yours Faithfully, Name, First Name” etc.

  • Once you’re done with that then you can hit the Save Button and that’s it.

Going Further…

Now, whenever you add the signature to any of your outgoing text messages, the ending will go thus; Quick Access Field; Extended Text Field. For example;

It’s been a while since we last saw each other and I would like to meet up one of these days if you don’t mind. Waiting to hear from you. From; Yours Sincerely, David Obodo.

The “From; Yours Sincerely David Obodo” being the Signature (Quick Access Field; Extended Text Field) you added while setting it up. You can also change it to another different text. Just that the goal is for the reader/receiver of the Text message to know that the text message is from you, so your name should be in it.


That’s pretty much how to add a signature to text messages on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Got any questions about this article? or need help setting up your signature message on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Be sure to drop a comment down below.

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Carol Ann Suddeath

This does not work when trying to set up TEXT signature. Is there another way?