How To Add Subtitles To A Movie On Your Android Phone?

Watching films/videos on your Android device has its own benefits.

You can watch them wherever with just a single click. The portability is enticing, but it also means you can be in the midst of a noisy crowd and hearing sound can be a bit hard, which is why subtitles are very important.

You will be able to view whatever the actors and actresses are saying in real-time. Therefore, even when you miss something, you can easily read it.

Subtitles are vital for several reasons, they can be used to watch a foreign movie in a foreign language, or for those that understand the language but just want to make sure they do not miss anything.

Searching and finding subtitles on your Android device will only require an app. It can be downloaded as a different file while you add it to your video player or you can make use of an application to download subtitles automatically.

Without further ado, lets get right into it.

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How Can I Add Subtitles On My Android Device?

Most of the video/movie player applications on Google Play Store can add subtitles.

Subtitles do come as a separate file from the movie itself and can be downloaded and added separately. So you can seamlessly download a subtitle file and have it attached to the video, or the video player can get this done on your behalf.

For this article, we will make use of the well known VLC for Android video player. The process is identical for several other apps, but some applications might provide more features. Still, it is straightforward.

Before we include subtitles to VLC video player, you have to get the subtitle file downloaded on your device. There are various websites that will allow you download subtitle files of films, TV series and even music videos. Lots of them are totally free to use and provide subtitles in many languages. Some of the famous websites you can use are:

Head to any of these sites and search for the film/TV series of your choice to download subtitles. When you see them, simply tap download to have it stored on your smartphone.

If you downloaded the subtitles on your computer, we will advice that you send it to your phone’s “Downloads” folder. By so doing, it will be simpler for the video player application to locate the file.

Now that you have gotten the subtitle file, which will most likely be an SRT file, you need to add it in your VLC player.

Launch VLC player and play the clip that you downloaded a subtitle file for. In VLC for Android, if the subtitles file is under “Downloads,” it will be added automatically to the clip. If it is in a different folder or not added automatically, then click on “subtitles” on the left of “Play” and click “Select subtitle file”

Right there, you have to locate where you stored the subtitle file. If the file is in your memory cad and it is not visible, then click “Settings” on the top right corner and ensure the “Display advanced devices” option is ticked.

Your SD card memory and internal memory will be visible, you only have to navigate to the precise location and click on the file to add it.

After this, your subtitles can be seen and read in real-time.

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How Can I Add Subtitles On My Android Device With MX Player?

Adding subtitles to the popular MX Player is similar to that of VLC.

Simply open the player and play the video you downloaded a subtitle file for. To use the subtitles, click the menu icon and then click “Subtitle”

Now, simply click “Open” then search and add the subtitles file from your device. The subtitles will now be added and they will be visible in your video.

How Can I Use A Dedicated Subtitles Downloader For Android Automatically?

Now that you can add subtitles to a clip, it is time to make the process automatic. It can be hard to go through the process discussed above for every video.

This is why Google Play Store has lots of applications that will allow you download subtitles with just one click and even in batch mode. Many of this applications will work smoothly with your present video player, if you are using one that is quite power that is. They help you to automatically detect subtitles for your video clips.

Some decent options include:

GMT Subtitles
Get Subtitles

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