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YouTube is not a Time passing or entertainment platform anymore! It is a time killing platform. Let me remind you something that you probably noticed, and that will confirm that my saying is true, Clickbait. I hope this one word cleared everything and you got why Alert Yourself when Watching Videos on YouTube. If not then let me explain.

Clickbait is very famous these days, and almost every new YouTubers are taking full advantage of it. And also, this strategy is also used by some famous YouTubers. I don’t want to slander anyone here; everyone is doing good now. But at the starting point, every YouTube channel has taken advantage of clickbait. Maybe they were in a very crazy mode. It was just laughable!

Clickbaity on YouTube

Still, in today’s latest videos of YouTube, the clarity of Clickbait has improved by multiple times. YouTubers have started manipulating viewers in their videos. They show us what we enjoy not what we are expected to watch. And the moment we play that kind of video, we get indulge badly. And when we came back, in reality, we realize that We lost our 4 hours. That happens to me many times. But here’s the kick, YouTube is smarter than its creators, and they did a great job by releasing a great feature that everyone should be aware of.

Its YouTube Time Watched Feature! Its kind of a new feature that is so strong. However, with Youtube time feature you can take your controls back in your hand whenever they try to manipulate you on YouTube Videos. Let me explain in brief about this awesome feature.

YouTube Time Watched Feature Overview

Time Watched feature of YouTube shows the insights of how many hours a user watched videos. The statistics have been categorized to Today, yesterday, in past weeks and Daily Average. And the best part is you can’t question your Statistics. Because its all based on your Watch History.

YouTube Time

Along with Time Watched Feature of YouTube, it has given Tools to manage your YouTube time. And its kind of bonus for us because the features are going to help us in combating the Clickbait.

Tools to Manage YouTube Time

4 awesome and remarkable features are added in the Tools section of YouTube Time feature:

  • Remind me to take a Break
  • Autoplay next Video
  • Scheduled Digest
  • Disable Sounds and Vibrations

These are the 4 cool tools that are added to gain more benefits of YouTube Time Feature. Now let me explain so you can get a handful of information about these features of YouTube time.

1. Remind me to take a Break

This feature is what is going to help you to combat against those super engaging videos. Remind you to take a break when we get engaged in Videos. And the reminder frequency will help you to select the exact timing you need to get out of the Video. Kind of Interesting. Right?

2. Autoplay next Video

Nothing is more painful than selecting the next similar videos we want to watch after the end of the YouTube video. Well, Autoplay next Video is a good feature that should be utilized. It automatically plays another similar video after the end of the video. And so, you can enjoy YouTube Videos effortlessly.

3. Scheduled Digest

Do you ever get YouTube Video notification at your working time and get distracted? Well, With this awesome tool, you can customize your time to get all the digest in your free time. Most of the time we stay busy, and one notification turns us to see our phone. And when the Video Thumbnail and titles are relevant enough for us, we click on it, play it. And after the end of the video, we lose the focus. If this always happens to you then using Scheduled Digest tool will be a lot beneficial for you.

4. Disable Sounds & Vibrations

Think this way, when no notification sounds will come from your Android, no distraction will happen. Disable Sounds & Vibrations is another Best tool of YouTube Time Watched feature. And you can take full advantage of it in staying focused on your particular working time. Disable Sounds & Vibrations allow you to stop the notification sounds of YouTube Videos in your selected time. Remember, you will get a notification but with No sounds of Notification. And I highly recommend to give it a try. It will definitely help you to stay busy with your work.

So, these are some cool tools that come along with YouTube Time Watched feature. Now let me show you how you can exactly Alert yourself when watching Videos on YouTube.

How to Alert Yourself while Watching Videos on YouTube

I have pretty much talked why alerting yourself is essential while watching Videos on YouTube. Now, its time to follow my step-by-step process to get alert.

Method 1:

In method one, we will use the default YouTube time tool to alert ourselves while watching videos. So, here is the process:

  1. Download and Install the YouTube App on your Android from Play Store. You should Only install the app from the play store because there you will find the updated version. And updated version contains bug fixes, enhanced performance, etc.
  2. Open it up and log in with your Gmail Account. This is very important because the YouTube app will show you statistics according to the Gmail Id of the User. And if you don’t get log in at first start, your Watch History will not be saved in Watch Time section whenever you watch videos.
  3.  Click on your Account Icon and select Time Watched tab. Account Icon will be found at right top in the YouTube app. After, approx. at the third place, you will find “Time Watched” tab. And when you open that, you will see the full insights of your Watch History. Like how long your watched today, yesterday, Past week, daily average, etc.YouTube time
  4. Go to “Tools to manage your YouTube Time” section and turn on “Remind me to take a Break.” This feature will found just after the Tools to manage… headline. And by just swiping the turn on button, the tool will get activated.YouTube Time
  5. Set Reminder Frequency according to you. This will pop-up in just a second of turning on the “remind me to take a break” tool. In that pop-up, you have to set the reminder frequency like when you want to get the alert notification. Just set it according to your need. I recommend 15 minutes at least and 30 minutes max. I chose this frequency because it will be suitable for most of you. Otherwise, just set according to your need and want.
  6. Hit the Done button and save your frequency. This is the final step you have to do in order to get alert yourself.

After following these steps, you will get alert notification according to your scheduled time frequency.

This was my 1st method to get yourself alert while watching videos on YouTube. There is another way to alert yourself while watching videos on YouTube. There is an app called Social Fever that helps to remind you that you are in virtual space by flashing an alert notification. This one the alternative method to receive an alert notification while watching Videos on YouTube.

Method 2:

If the 1st method feels hard to follow, you can try an alternative method (method 2)! Because there is a working alternative method by which you can alert yourself while Watching Videos on YouTube. Follow my steps for an alternative method:

  1. Download and Install Social Fever from Play Store. Installing apps from the play store will have two advantages. 1. It will be updated. 2. If will be safe to use. And that’s why I recommend installing apps from the trusted PlayStore.
  2. Open it up and Read the Guide if you can. After starting the app for the first time, Social Fever shows great tutorial with images and text about how to re-connect to the real world. Those guide with pictures will help you to understand the process of working with the app.
  3. Select your Favorite interests Furry Friend, Bicycle Riding, Cooking, Dancing, Gardening, Gyming, Music, Painting, etc. And get alert yourself for particular event time. This is more than enough. Social Fever allows setting goals, and when you set goals, it will remind perfectly at frequency set time with beautiful tone.
  4. Go App usage, click Add now and then click on add now button. From the App usage section, you can set an alert notification on any installed app on your phone. Even more, you can set on all the apps at once with Social Fever.YouTube Time
  5. Select the YouTube App for instance and click on let’s Go. Choose the YouTube App from the list of the app for quick and hit the Let go button from the bottom. After, YouTube app will come in the Tracking Details section where you can gather the details about YouTube and all other selected apps.YouTube time
  6. Click on the Edit button to set time frequency. In tracking details section of Social fever, it allows editing time frequency of any app that is added in the section. You can do that by just clicking on the Edit button. There a Pop-up will appear after clicking on edit button. Just select your desired time frequency like how often you want to get alert yourself.YouTube time
  7. Finally, hit the Apply Changes and accomplish the process. Now we are the final stage! When all things get done correctly according to you, just apply it and save the changes. The moment you save the changes, the data usage will start showing up at the notification bar. To see it, just swipe down from the top using your one finger. There you will find details like Phone unlock, Screen Active For about, Running app.

Social fever is a quiet feature-rich app that helps in re-connecting to the real world from the virtual world. And if you want to alert yourself while watching videos on YouTube, the Social fever app will be a great way to that.

Note: This app may ask you for advance permissions to enable from settings like accessibility. Just enable them, its requirement of the app to run properly on any Android.


Getting yourself Alerted while Watching YouTube Videos is important and you should be using these methods to get back on the real world.

Sometimes those engaging Videos harm a lot by killing our time. But today, remote controls are completely in your hand! And you should be holding the remote control of your life.

And if you don’t hold it, you will regret when your time get killed in those clickbait videos. I also want to give you an honest suggestion.

Honest advice

I understand its important to enjoy our life and watch the videos we want. But those are just unreal and will worth zero.

So, to be very honest with you. Enjoy your Videos on YouTube! But don’t lose control over yourself because if you lose the control, you will lose your time and life.

Hopefully, you got what you expected from this article? If so, I just appreciated if you share this Techlector article. We work hard in delivering genuine knowledge. And keep reading useful pieces of stuff from us to gain more information like this.

See you soon!


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