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How to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources on Android? The Google Play Store is the official marketplace for Google’s Android apps. This is the main place to download apps for your Android smartphone or tablet. But Android is a much less closed operating system than its competitor iOS, developed by Apple.

So, in addition to “cracking” your iPhone or iPad (let’s talk about Jailbreak in this case), the Apple App Store is the only place to download applications. It’s a bit different for Android because you can download and install apps outside of the Google Play store. There is however a little trick to know that I will tell you immediately.

How to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources on Android?

Attention, the procedure explained below was performed with Android 8.1 (Android Oreo). It may be slightly different depending on the Android version and the specifications of the device manufacturers.

Here’s how to install apps not recognized by Google (for example if you want to listen to YouTube with the screen locked or if you want to install Fortnite on your Android device).

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How to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources on Android?

  • Go to the settings of your Android device and click on the Security and privacy tab.
  • In Security and privacy, scroll down and touch More.
  • Open the More menu in Security and privacy
  • Click Install applications from unknown sources.
  • Install applications from unknown sources
  • Note that on different versions of Android, this link is directly available from the Security and Privacy setting.
  • Click Chrome in the list of recommended apps, so that Chrome can install apps from unknown sources.
  • Enable the option for Google Chrome.
  • Chrome is allowed to install apps of unknown origin.
  • Now you can install applications directly from your browser. All you need to do is download the installation files (.apk file extension) and then start the installation from the download folder.

Warning! Apps from unknown sources have not been verified by Google.

Sometimes they are not present in the Google Play Store because the app developer does not want to give 30% of its revenue to Google as Epic, the company that develops the video game Fortnite.

These apps that are not present in the Google Play Store could create security problems on your Android device (viruses, Trojan horses in the installation files).

I advise you to activate this option only to install apps that enjoy certain popularity.

Leaving this function disabled most of the time will prevent the installation of a malicious application without your knowledge on your Android tablet or smartphone.

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