US Visa Lottery
US Visa Lottery

The visa lottery is done by some countries in order to enable people from other parts of the world get a chance to come to their country for many reasons. Ranging from touring to working etc. We will be focusing on American visa Lottery but other Countries that offer the visa lottery include:

⚫ United Kingdom
⚫ San Marino
⚫ Denmark
⚫ Holland
⚫ Sweden
⚫ Canada
⚫ United Arab Emirates
⚫ Netherlands
⚫ Ireland
⚫ Iceland
⚫ Australia
⚫ Switzerland

American Visa Lottery

These countries offer different types of visas on their visa lottery platform. Theses visas include:

Study Visa: This visa is given to people who are going to the country to school.

Skilled Worker Visa: This visa is given to people who have a skill and are going over to thr country to use said skill to work.

Tourist Visa: This visa is given to people who are just going to the country to tour. Just like the name implies.

Business Visa: This visa is given to people who are going on a business trip or meeting to the country.

Farm Worker Visa: Like the name entails, this visa is given to people who want to go to the country to farm or work in a farm.

Pilgrimage: The visa is given to people who want to visit a religious place or event in a country.

There also other different types of visa totaling about 185, each one has its purpose. The ones listed above are somewhat popular and frequently requested for by applicants of the lottery. So you are to apply for the visa based on what you plan on doing when you get there. You want to school when you get there? Then apply for the study visa. You want to work when you get there? Then apply for work visa.

How To Apply For American Visa Lottery 2018/2019

The United States Of American Picks about 50,000 people from the millions of applicants that apply from Selected countries. Of course, not all country are eligible for the American visa lottery and you can check if your country is eligible by clicking this link Here.

If your country of birth is eligible, then head on to DV Lottery website and start the process by applying and providing the necessary documents for a new DV Entrant. You will also use the site to check later if you have been selected.

If your country of birth is not eligible, then it is because more than enough people have been picked and successfully migrated to the US through the American Visa Lottery program.

Those who get selected would be provided with a Green card and would able to move permanently to the US. They will also get to bring their family of not more than five along with them if they want.


Applying for an American visa lottery does not cost much and is pretty easy. The fact that you can also bring along your family to school, live or work in the US Is Definitely an added bonus. For me, I think it is worth the try if your country of birth is eligible.

So let us know if you will you be applying for the American Visa Lottery?

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