How To Apply For 2019 Change Of Course And Institution On Jamb Portal

Subsequent times especially after Jamb registration, we always notice that up to 50% of Jamb candidate always apply for Change of Course and Institution, for various reasons. Some candidates complain that during the registration of Jamb, the person doing the registration added an institution or course without their concept.

They only noticed after the print out is issued to them. Others said that they want to apply for a change of course and institution because it was their parents that lured them into choosing either the institution or the course they selected but right now they have made up their mind to pursue their dream course or institution.

We also observed that change of course and institution is majorly done immediately after the release of Jamb result, why is it so? Statistically, as of last year, countless numbers of Jamb candidate selected a course they weren’t able to reach the cut-off mark after sitting for jamb, so in that regards, they will now like to go for a lower course than to re-sit for Jamb next year.

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To throw more light on, just last year, majority of people put medicine and surgery during the registration of Jamb, but just immediately after Jamb released the result that year, candidates that didn’t reach their target marks applied for a change of course and changed the Medicine and Surgery to Microbiology or Biochemistry.

Likewise, this year, it came to our notice that many Jamb candidates are aspiring to change their course or institution immediately they see their result, others can’t even wait to see the result because they have accessed their selves based on how the exam was.

Nevertheless, if you have in mind to change your course or institution this year, be careful, one can easily collect money from you without anything being done. You will think that the person has done it without knowing that is just a scam.

Many have fallen victims to such deceit. So in this article, we will immensely help you to identify if truly you have successfully carried out a change of course and institution and ways you can apply for it.

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 How To Identify A Successful change Of Course And Institution

  • It can only be done on the person’s e-Facility account, using the person’s email address and password
  • Payment of 2500 Naira must be made
  • The notification of the payment will be sent directly to your inbox using that email address you entered
  • After the change of course and institution is made, the slip will have “ previous change of institution” and “New choice of the institution”.

How To Apply For 2019 Change Of Course And Institution.

Step 1: Log in to the persons e-Facility account using his/ her email address and password

Step 2: Select “Registration(2019 Only)” available on the sidebar or on the Home page.

Step 3: Click on “2019 UTME Data Correction

Step 4: Once you clicked on it, you will be required to make payment of 2500 Naira. Note: make sure the RRR Number appears on the invoice before you make payment.

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Step 5: After the payment is made, click on “My Payment”, approve the payment by clicking on “Get Status” and then Continue.

Step 6: Select the “Change of Course and Institution” on the options you will see.

Step 7: Immediately u selected it, the choices of course and institution you made will surface, click on institution first, select the one you wish to be your new institution and allow it to load before you select the course.

If you didn’t allow it to load before you select any course, you will end up doing nothing

Step 8: After the selection of course and institution, click on Submits and Prints.

Indeed you have successfully changed your course and institution.


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