When you hear the word Dubai? What comes to mind? That great beautiful country. There are Millions of people who dream to go to Dubai someday because the country is known for its high salaries and beautiful metropolises.

Even if there is no intention to work there, you might want to go there for sightseeing as a tourist. If you are not an inhabitant of the United Arab Emirates, you certainly need a visa to travel to Dubai.

It is true that the mysterious attractiveness of Dubai has made the country one of the world’s most go-to-see cities in the universe. Tourists from all countries wish to go to Dubai, and Nigerians also want to travel to Dubai. Unlike other countries, Dubai visa requirements and application procedures are straightforward and fast. This city wants more businesspersons, tourists, and students from all part of the world including Nigeria.

Dubai Visa from Nigeria

The Visa Center that gives out Dubai visas is situated in Lagos. The center works 5 business days only which is Monday to Friday. Those who wish to journey abroad can go to the office from 8 am until 3 pm. This center is a fast way to get your visa if you are going through Emirates Airlines.

There are 6 kinds of Dubai visa you can sign in for, however, 3 of them have been deferred till further notice.

2018 Dubai visa fee

  • 90-day multi-entry – 154,440 Naira (suspended for now)
  • Two week – 30,340 Naira
  • 90 days – 63,120 Naira (suspended for now)
  • 96-hour single entry – 23,315 Naira
  • Tourist – 30,340 Naira
  • 30-day multi-entry – 60,780 Naira (suspended for now)

There is also an annulment fee of 10,370 Naira and another 500 Naira fee for recompense facilitation and your financial association collection charge that solely depends on the amount taken by the bank.

How to apply for a Dubai visa from Nigeria

Let us explain to you the entire Dubai visa application process. You need to ensure that you have all these documents ready, meet the necessities and filled out the visa form before you can go to the Application Center in Lagos and sign for Dubai visa. It is very possible to send documents via online service or bring them to the office by yourself, but you’ll have to pay the money at the Visa Application Center.

The Documents you’ll need to provide are:

  • Copy of tax file and business record for independent tourists.
  • Health insurance document.
  • 3cm x 5.5 cm colored photographs on light (best white) background.
  • Nigerian immigration password
  • Hotel booking proof.
  • A copy of all your visas (recent and the ones that have expired).
  • Copies of an ID card.
  • The entire visa application form (completed in block letters).
  • Proof of two-way air tickets.
  • Financial statement from the bank.

Dubai Visa requirements 

  • Not issued for a single tourist traveling alone
  • Only for family visits (2 or more people)
  • Booked hotel proof
  • Visit for tourist purpose only

The 14-day visa is short and the visa cannot be extended. You will be able to spend just two weeks in UAE. The list of requirements for this visa is as follows:

  • Profession proof or bank card (debit or credit)
  • Booked hotel proof
  • Financial statement from a Nigerian bank

The Visa usually takes 2-8 days to process and issue the international visa except there are problems in your papers.

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