Step by Step procedures on archiving messages in Gmail (Mobile & PC)


Some hours ago, an article​ on everything you need to know about archiving messages in Google Mail (Gmail) was published on this platform. The article covered what archiving really meant, how it is different from deleting messages, and its benefits.

Today, after the introduction to the basics of archiving messages in Gmail, we bring to you; How to Archive messages in Gmail - both on mobile application or on PC.

We start with the Mobile platform/application.

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  1. First things first, launch the Gmail application on your smartphone
  2. By default, your Gmail app displays messages in your Inbox alongside the message details like the sender's name, the mail subject and some words of the mail content​.

  3. There are certain mails you want to keep from prying eyes due to private and sensitive contents they contain. So you need to archive such and to somehow tidy up your Inbox folder.

  4. Select such message by simply holding the message and swipe it to the either the left or right hand side of your screen.

Or simply put, you can just go ahead and swipe the message to either the left or right side of your screen.

  1. When swiping, a deep green dash is noticed covering the mail in the direction of the swipe (either left or right) as seen below.
How to Archive Messages in Gmail
How to Archive Messages in Gmail - swipe mail to the right
How to Archive Messages in Gmail
How to Archive Messages in Gmail - swipe mail to the left
  1. After swiping, the deep green slide fully covers the mail and notifies you that the message was successfully archived.
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There is also an UNDO option to quickly reverse the archive action you just performed; perhaps in case you mistakenly swiped​ the mail into archive.


  1. Log into​ your Gmail account on your PC.
  • On the Inbox dashboard, select/mark the mail(s) you wish to archive

  • Afterwards, click on the box icon with an arrow pointing downward (the drop-down icon) and select archive. See attached picture below

  • How to Archive Messages in Gmail
    How to Archive Messages in Gmail - For PC

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