The truth is that, among the list of people in your contacts, there are some special people that serves as your most important contact which you will not like to categorize on the same section with other contacts of yours. To blow your wildest imagination, iPhone has a phone app that has a “favorite section” where you can add or find your most important contacts. Another exciting part of it all is that you can set it in a way that even if other incoming calls fail to ring on your iPhone, those stored as favorites will always be received even if your phone is in the Do Not Disturb mode.

The favorite on iPhone is not today’s invention, right from the day iPhone was invented “Favourite” has been there, so if you have forgotten how to use it or didn’t even know that something like that exists, this article will help you a whole lot.

How to Attach a Contact on Favourite

To do this:

  • Open the phone apps; you will see an icon with a green indicator, tap the favorite button before tapping the “ +” button on the top -left a corner of the screen. Your contacts display immediately.
  • Then tap the contact you want to make use of as a favorite. It brings out options like “ do you want to add the main number, the work number ”?all the numbers you have for that contact will show up and next
  • You will have an option of a “face time” or “face time audio” tap the “face time” option and select the contact, automatically that number will be added to your favorite
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How to Delete and Rearrange contacts on favorite

All you have to do is to tap the “edit” button on the top-left .with that you can now delete or rearrange the contacts on your favorite anyhow u want it to be after doing that click the “Done” key at the top-left.

How Can You Allow Favourite Contact to Call You When “Do Not Disturb” is On?

The “Do Not Disturb” setting helps you to avoid disturbance especially when sleeping, in a meeting or when you are busy with works, but one good thing about it is that it won’t prevent you from getting your usual notifications but with no sound or vibration. What if there is an emergency and either your parents or any other person in the do not disturb list want to reach you? Will their call be affected? Don’t worry this article will give you some nice tips on how to allow favorite contacts to reach you when the Do Not Disturb feature is on. Those tips include:

  1. Open the application settings
  2. Take your cursor to do not disturb and tap it.
  3. Then select the dialog box to allow calls from
  4. Forward and choose the person you wish to use as your favorite.
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Following the above procedures, the next time any of the people you included in the “do not disturb” list called you will still know when they called.


We observe that names stored on the “favorite” tend to have a greater advantage over those on a normal contact list, it can be easily fetched, they can reach you always, etc. indeed billions of people have really benefited from that.


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