Add Lyrics MP3 Files
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When you listen to songs, it always feels better if you can view the lyrics right? Especially if you are listening to a track that you are hearing for the first time, lyrics will aid you to understand the track clearly.

Even if various streaming services are home to the view lyrics feature when listening to music, some users still prefer to download and listen to MP3s. If that is the case with you, it could be annoying to not be able to view the lyrics as you listen.

Luckily for you, there are several free and simple ways to add lyrics to your favorite songs and we will break everything down in an uncomplicated manner below. To expatiate, See How To Use Samsung Dual Audio:

How Can I Add Lyrics To MP3 Files?

There are lots of ways to add lyrics to MP3 files, however, we will concentrate on free and simple methods. Before we highlight the methods, ensure you activate lyrics on your designated music player. In this tutorial, we’ll use a free default player for any Windows PC, Windows Media Player.

To activate lyrics on it, simply right-tap wherever inside the player after you launch it, head to “Lyrics, captions, and subtitles” and choose “On.”

How Can I Add Lyrics To MP3 Files Via MP3 Tag?

If you go for MP3 Tag, you will have to add lyrics to MP3 files manually. Sadly, there is no way to do it automatically since adding lyrics is not the main feature of this program. Just download MP3 Tag at no extra cost and get it installed.

After installing and launching it, you have to drag and drop your MP3 files to its main window. You are allowed to add as many files as you need. After that, you need to right-tap the track where you wish to add lyrics and tap “Extended Tags.”

Add Lyrics MP3 Files
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In the next window, choose “Add field,” which appears like a star. Enter “UNSYNCEDLYRICS” into the fresh field.

Add Lyrics MP3 Files
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After that, you need to paste the lyrics to your track in “Value.” This website is a brilliant platform to search for your MP3 lyrics manually.

Tap OK and confirm your new tag.

Add Lyrics MP3 Files
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Lastly, you can right-tap on the MP3 file after adding lyrics and tap “Play.” The lyrics should be visible like this while you listen. They will be at the bottom of your player, and you will need to swipe down with your mouse as the jam progresses. Rinse and repeat for all MP3 files and in the end, the lyrics for all of them will be seen.

How Can I Add Lyrics To MP3 Files Via Lyrics Finder?

A lot of people know that Lyrics Finder is a good option as it adds lyrics to MP3 files automatically. It is a brilliant platform that can be downloaded here. As soon as you wrap up the installation, open it, and start adding lyrics immediately. Also, note that the software will never overwrite any lyrics is already showing.

You can drag your MP3 files to the main window or tap on “Add folder” or “Add files” in the top-left corner. As soon as an MP3 file is added, this program will instantly download the lyrics for it and sync it to your player.

The green dot in the corner of your file means that the lyrics are in place. Just play the track you add and confirm that it works. The play button is close to the track if you decide to play it from “Lyrics Finder.” You can monitor the lyrics as the track plays.

Just like MP3 Tag, you will have to swipe down on your player to navigate the text. “Lyrics Finder” is home to more options when you right-tap on your MP3 file, like “force search lyrics” or “export lyrics to text file.”

That is that.

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