How To Avoid Game Of Thrones Spoilers?


#Vikings #GameofThrones #Avengers, These are all vital hashtags if you aim to get an update or plan to partake in a thread with fans like yourself.

However, it is not so great if you are innocently checking out your timeline only to see a spoiler by someone who becomes an instant enemy.

Since the last season of Game of Thrones is here, you will require some useful tips to assist you to stay away from spoilers and to prevent you from hating people forever.

1. Avoid Social Media

It might appear obvious, but, until you are caught up, a full social media detox might be the best solution here. There will always be that person that fancies flaunting that he or she has viewed an episode and you haven't. Whatsapp groups have to be ignored, Instastories have to be abandoned and stay away from Twitter. You will thank me later.

You can block certain words, phrases, usernames, emojis and hashtags on Twitter. It is also possible to mute people's Instagram posts, and even stories, if they will only ruin your mood. Simply put, if you do not trust them, unfollow or even block them. Thats bad energy and we agree with Wizkid who said they should stay far away.

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2. Avoid News

Even if some news outlets will warn you beforehand, others will not. Stay away from that morning paper, your favorite entertainment website if you are doubtful.

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3. Use Technology

Alright, you cannot stay away from the news but at least the post you tapped on has a very clear warning, sadly, the comments under it had no warning - and now you know what you shouldn't know and your heart is broken. If Mozilla Firefox or Chrome is your preferred browser, making use of Comment-Blocker is a useful way to do away with the unwanted comments. And Google Chrome possesses a Spoiler Shield which prevents your feed from informing you about what you do not want to get informed about immediately you wake up. Yes we know technology is great, but not when it is interfering with our suspense.

4. Avoid Technology

If none of the things already talked about gave you your solution, then it is high time you resorted to the basics. This is not asking you to smash your device with a hammer, but by just replacing them with something else. It could be PlayStation, jogging it piano lessons. Just avoid all things tech.

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5. Avoid Human Interaction

It might sound ridiculous but desperate times call for desperate measures. You will no longer find it weird when you find out that locking yourself up in your room is the only way to avoid hearing what happened to Arya Stark before you watch. If you are in a situation where speaking to people is inevitable, establish ground rules early with the other person involved.

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6. Shun GoogleBox

This might appear obvious but viewing a TV show where others watch TV is a certain way to know the outcome of your favorite TV show. If it something you cannot miss, be prepared to hit the fast forward button immediately you hear the theme tune.

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