How to backup Android on PC

How to backup Android on PC, backing up your phone from time to time is recommended! If something goes wrong, you can restore the device to operational status by simply restoring the backup previously performed.

So, you should create a backup from time to time, especially if you install custom ROMs or MODs on your Android smartphone.

This is an alternative method to create a backup. This method is useful for those who do not have a custom recovery installed or who do not have root permissions on their smartphone. With this method, it is possible to backup the phone directly on the PC.

Disclaimer: By following this tutorial, you agree that backup/recovery will be done at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any damage to your Android device.

How to backup Android on PC

  • Install the drivers for the device you want to back up.
  • Make sure that USB debugging is enabled in Settings >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging.
  • Enable installation from unknown sources on your device. To activate, open Settings> Security> Device Administration> Unknown sources (check to activate it).


Download the software on your PC:

How to backup Android on PC

  1. Unzip the file you just downloaded to your desktop.
  2. On the phone go to Settings >> Developer options >> desktop backup password and set a password. Leave the first field blank if no password has been set by default.
  3. Connect the phone to the PC.
  4. Run the UBT.bat file.
  5. Make sure that in the "List of connected devices" field there is a number, it indicates that the phone is connected correctly.
  6. Select the option according to your needs. For a complete backup of your applications, select option number 2.
  7. On the screen of your device, you will be asked to enter a password, enter the password you entered previously.
  8. Click on "data backup" and wait for the phone to return to the home screen. It will take about 15-20 minutes.
  9. Your backup process is complete.
  10. To restore, select option 8 in the UBT.bat window.
  11. You will be asked to enter the password you set previously. Enter the same password and press "Restore my data".
  12. Data recovery will now begin; you have to wait until the operation ends.
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The restore process has been completed. If you have difficulty, you can leave a comment below so we can help you!

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