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Uber is widely known and people use it to transport themselves to the office and back home daily. It is convenient and you never have to bother yourself about parking space. If you patronize the company, meeting Uber drivers daily becomes inevitable and a lot of them are very efficient even if you most likely won’t remember them after reaching your destination.

But if I may ask, what makes a fantastic Uber driver? What is that exceptional quality drivers have in common? The simple answer is that a unique combination of technical know-how and communication skills will always make you stand out as a driver who works for Uber. See How To Be A Top Uber Driver:

Be A Top Uber Driver

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How Can I Know The Highest Rated Uber Driver?

Even if there is no official stat to determine the highest-rated Uber drivers all across the globe, a particular Toronto-based driver had the spotlight in 2019. It all started when a journalist called Uber, and while he waited, he read his driver’s reviews and was stunned to see a remarkable 4.99 rating.

This driver, named Vishwas Aggrawal, but prefers to call himself Vish, is not just a worker with an impressive rating, it is more brilliant when you find out that he has been driving Uber for a while with over five thousand rides.

Born in India, he attended the university and later worked in the marketing departments of multinational companies. According to him, his stint in marketing aided his communication, psychology, and human behavior. He believes these skills added to his personality, and his customers never fail to recognize it.

Vish is super polite, keeps his vehicle very clean and he is a brilliant listener. He is also very professional and hardworking. He drives for Uber 6 days weekly, but anytime he feels down, he does not joke with his day off because he never likes it when his mood affects his customers.

Be A Top Uber Driver

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What Can Be Learnt From The Highest Rated Uber Driver?

1. He refers to his customers by their names

Vish knows that giving his customers the respect they deserve should not be joked with. He calls them by their first name, and even when it is tough to pronounce, he does everything possible to ensures he pronounces every name correctly. This makes a whole lot of difference, because, by so doing, your customers will definitely feel appreciated.

2. He is always in a good mood

A positive attitude is important because it rubs off on the people you drive. Vish believes he has to make sure all his customers leave his car in a better mood than when they entered. A grumpy driver is always a nightmare for customers, so he tries as much as possible to be anything but that. This is why whenever he is having a bad day, he prefers not to drive.

3. He is aware that the customers are paying for an experience

Vish sees his job as something more important than just transporting people from their home or office to their destination. He takes the safety of his customers very seriously and pays total attention to every detail. For instance, Vish never turns on the radio while driving, except his customers, ask him to play some music. Doing otherwise can serve as a distraction for customers who are heading for an important meeting.

4. He listens to his customers

It could be very annoying to enter Uber and listen to a driver’s boring stories when you simply want to relax. As a driver, you should know when your passenger wants to talk or prefers some quiet. Vish has done his research on the best restaurants and the best shopping centers around, so he does not hesitate to recommend them when the need arises. Your customer can even ask you to give him or her a tour of the city, do it, show him or her around, and make the experience with you one to remember.

5. Clean the car after every ride

A wet wipe should always be in your driver seat so you can clean the mats after every trip. Your fellow drivers will tell you that it is excessive, but if not, your passengers deserve a clean car at all times. The vehicle is your place of work, treat it like you know that for a fact.

That is that.

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