Several professionals today make use LinkedIn to link up with industry leaders and locate their next dream employment or to enhance their business.

Indeed, LinkedIn has over 610 million users in over 200 nations and territories all over the world.

However, if you are only completing your profile and applying for employments or thoughtlessly sending connection requests to your target audience, you are not improving your personal brand.

Rather, focusing on growing your personal brand on LinkedIn will let you sit back, relax, and watch employment opportunities and clients do the chasing, instead of the other way round.

This is where making use of video can be really handy. It is a seamless and efficient way to enhance your personal brand on LinkedIn and be unique when compared with other professionals. Plus, a production crew is not required and you need no knowledge of how to edit to make use of video on LinkedIn efficiently.

Therefore, to be unique on LinkedIn using video, adhere to these instructions:

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1. Turn On The Camera And Begin To Talk

You know this, LinkedIn is not only for highly produced marketing clips any longer. If you are observant, you would’ve seen the increase in professionals uploading basic clips of themselves taken with their mobile devices in recent years, and dishing out tips or sharing stories.

For example, Ruby Lee, she is a famous LinkedIn member who uses clips to enhance her personal brand. She has more than twenty five thousand followers and shares clips on all things ranging from side-hustle tips to how her day went.

Give what you are an expert at a thought and what the audience you are targeting will fancy, then have it shared with them all. LinkedIn video should not be cumbersome. Simply set your camera and begin to talk.

2. Follow LinkedIn Video Best Practices

Even if you can just pull out your mobile phone and create a clip for LinkedIn immediately, you still have to ensure you are adhering to LinkedIn video best practices to achieve your purpose. Some of the most appropriate practices are:

1. Go straight To The Point Do not go on and on and make anyone watching wait to discover what the clip is all about. They will get fed up and get rid of seeing your face. Rather, get to the purpose of the clip before 15 seconds.
2. Focus On Quality Do not post a clip with a terrible lighting. Using your mobile device does not give you the right to not give making it a quality video any thought. Make sure the lighting, volume and background are effective as well.
3. Remember Silent Viewers Lots of users will view your clip with no sound. So video subtitles is not a bad idea.
4. Keep Video Length Relevant Keeping your clips short, lets say between half-a-minute to 90 seconds is the way to go, but if you are dishing out very useful materials to your viewers, it can be longer.
5. Make Use Of Hashtags Include relevant hashtags to your video posts so you can boost your reach and allow users know what your video is concentrating on.

You can be giving out the best tip of all time, but if your clip is not optimized properly for LinkedIn and your target audience, it will not meet up to your expectations or that of your audience.

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3. Add Interest With Filters And Stickers

LinkedIn started allowing the use of filters and stickers in your clips to aid you to captivate your audience and keep engaging them. Like i wrote earlier, lots of LinkedIn users will view your clip with no sound, so, including filters and stickers to your clips is a massive way to keep them engaged. The addition of filters, stickers and text to your videos will make your content more interesting and aid them to seamlessly understand what is happening in the video.

4. Add A Call To Action

Even if that video you are are sharing on LinkedIn only reveals what you are having for breakfast, always remember to add a call to action. Give what your aims are for posting a clip on LinkedIn. Are you attempting to attract more visits to your blog? Link up with more people that believe in your idea? Or are you trying to know about more leads for your business? It does not matter what your aim is, add a call to action to motivate watchers to take the bold step to get to the next level.

At the end of your video, tell watchers what they should after that, if it is to visit your website or to simply like and comment. Do not forget, not everybody will view your video till the very end, so you might need to add your call to action to the post caption too.

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