Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X
Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X

I know you must be thinking why someone would like to block a number on iPhone/Android. There are obviously so many people out there who would like to do this but do not know how to go about it. Or even if their device, whether iPhone or Android might be capable of blocking a phone number.

In the early days, we had to go to a phone booth in order to make and receive calls. And apart from that and writing letters, there was literally no other way to communicate from long distance. While that would seem like a nightmare to this generation, it was once a reality to some.

Block number on iPhone/Android

Thanks to several years of technological advancement, you can now make and receive calls at anytime from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a phone with a working internet connection or network bar. While the pros far outweighs the cons of the communication from smartphones. There are still some cons.

In the early days, if you did not want to talk to someone. All you had to do was just not call them and that was it. But now everything has changed with the invention of smartphones. Everyone who has your phone number can contact you whenever they want. While that sounds good to know, it might also be a problem if the person calling is someone you definitely do not want to talk to.

Some might even go as far turning off their Smartphone completely just to to avoid getting calls from just one person. Although this might work for some, it might not be favourable to everyone as some might be waiting for an important call from maybe their boss, family or partner.

In this case, turning off the phone would be a very bad idea. Instead, the person might choose to block that particular number from every calling his/her phone. Without further ado, we bring you the steps to take in order to block a number on iPhone/Android.

How To Block A Number On iPhone/Android

For iPhone

⚫ Navigate to your Call History In Your Phone App also known as Dialer App

⚫ Locate the number you would like to block and press Information

⚫ Scroll down and click on Block This Caller

⚫ Click on Block and just like that, the number is blocked.

To see the numbers in your block list on your iPhone, Goto Settings and Click on Phone and then Blocked. You should be able to see all the blocked numbers.

For Android

⚫ Open your Stock Phone App or rather your Dailer App

⚫ Scroll to the number you would like to block, Press and Hold the number.

⚫ A drop down menu should appear with some options.

⚫ Click on Block Number from those options.

⚫ You will see a notification telling you “you will no longer receive calls or texts from this number.

⚫ Select Block. Congratulations, you just blocked the phone number.

If you would like to see the numbers you have blocked then open your Dailer App and Click on the Three dots at the top right corner. Go to
Settings and select Call Blocking.

This is where you will see all of the numbers you have blocked.


Having someone disturbing you with incessant calls you really do not want to pick can be really frustrating. Especially when you doing something important on your phone. So you have to wait a couple of minutes to let it ring and hang up before resuming your what you were doing on your phone.

But now that you know how to block a number on iPhone/Android, that would not happen again.

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