How to block a site with Safari on iPhone or iPad

iPhone and iPad are extremely widespread and characterized by extremely varied users. On this kind of devices, sometimes even a little too young people get their hands on: bearing in mind that the safety of children online is a rather complex topic, you can intervene surgically to block specific sites.

Specifically, in this article we will analyze how to intervene with Safari to block websites that you consider unsuitable, if not dangerous, for slightly younger surfers.

How to block a site with Safari?

This process has been changed relatively recently with the release of iOS 12 , so if you already know how to block a site with Safari, you may be surprised by a different procedure.

Apple has implemented this particular feature in its new Screen Time function , and just a couple of touches on the display to activate it almost magically. To proceed in this direction it is necessary:

  • Go to the Settings app , scroll down a bit and then select Screen Time .
  • Then touch Privacy and content restriction
  • If it’s not already activated, select Restrictions on content and privacy and then tap Restrictions on content to proceed.
  • On the content restrictions page, touch the Web Content option
  • Next, enable the Limit Adult Sites option , which is needed before you can block specific sites
  • From there, touch Add website at the bottom of the screen. This is where you will enter the URL of the website you are about to block.
  • On the Add website page, type the URL of the website you want to block, then tap Done on your keyboard.

At this point, you’re done and the website is blocked. You can check it by going to Safari and trying to access the website in question. If everything went according to plan, access will be denied. If you need to add more websites, go back to the same place and keep adding. If you decide to remove one at a later time, scroll down the URL and tap Delete .

Do not underestimate your child …

This little guide is at your fingertips: as you read it, you could easily read your child and unlock the websites in question. Do not underestimate neither your intelligence nor the importance of protecting it. So do not sit on your laurels but always keep your attention very high.

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