How to block websites with Chrome

In this tutorial, we explain how to block websites and content not suitable for children in Chrome in different ways, as well as images and JavaScript content of the browser.

Today everyone has access to the Internet in an easy way. Even children start using mobile devices and computers to browse websites.

It is true that there are a number of parental controls that we can activate in our computers such as:

  • Parental control Windows 10
  • Parental control Mac
  • Parental control Android by Google Play
  • iPhone iOS Control

When it comes to our children we must always be very careful, which is why we need to know how to block certain types of web pages or content on the browser of Google Chrome, in order to avoid those sites that we believe may be dangerous for their age or also for your privacy.

The right thing to do is to take some precautions when we surf the Internet, we know that many pages apparently secure, actually contain viruses, malware and other components that can cause the following problems:

  • unwanted advertising
  • Identity theft, cyber-extortion is now in fashion
  • Installation of unauthorized or unwanted applications

Not only is it important to prevent access to certain websites for children, but also in many companies they must also prevent workers from accessing certain Web pages from their computers. 

Here’s how to block certain websites, which you will not be able to access and browse from the Chrome browser.

Block Web pages with Block Site

Google Chrome has a number of extensions that can allow us several very interesting features within the browser. 

If we want to completely block a website, we need to download the Block Site extension for the Chrome browser.

Block Site – Website Blocker for Chrome

Click the Add to Chrome button to install the extension in Google Chrome.

This extension will give us the ability to automatically block multiple pages. 

Once you’ve downloaded and installed this extension, we can directly block a website by clicking on the extension and selecting “Settings”.

To do this we open the web page that we want to block and right click on any area of the page and select the option Block Site, in the options choose ” Add the current site to the blacklist “

It is possible to block a site with this extension also in this way: Clicking on the extension icon on the right side will open a window, click now on “Edit block sites list” to open the configuration menu.

Within the configurations, we must position ourselves in the “blocked sites” section of the menu on the left and paste the URL address of the site we want to block.

We have the possibility to block even the words in case we deem it necessary. For this, we select “Blocked words” in the side menu and insert the words we want.

We can also activate the option to block sites with adult content by clicking on “Block sites for adults“.

Another configuration option is to select the days and times when we want these Webs to be blocked. For this, we select “schedule” in the upper right corner.

Once here, we can choose both the days and the hours when the block will be active based on our interests.

With this plugin, we will be able to configure the blocking of sites even with a password in a simple and fast way.

As we see this simple but useful extension gives us the ability to block all web pages that we consider dangerous, for example, if we have children we can block pages for adults or those that contain violence.

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