Are you searching for how to block your Access Bank ATM card? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This tutorial will highlight how you can block your Access Bank ATM debit card and credit card if it gets stolen or if you got careless.

Blocking your ATM card is important because it guarantees that the cash in your account is secure and cannot be withdrawn by a 3rd party. You do not want to put your money at any risk and any action must be taken as soon as possible.

What To Do When Your Access Bank ATM Card Gets Stolen Or Misplaced?

As soon as you detect the loss or theft of your ATM debit card, call any of these numbers, 1 800 554 8969 or 1 800 558 3424.

You can dial any of the following numbers too: +234 1 27120057, +234 1 280 2500 and +234 1 733 2000. 0700 CALLACCESS (0700 22552 22377). You will be attended to and the safety of your cash will be assured.

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How Can I Contact Access Bank On Social Media When My ATM Card Gets Stolen Or Misplaced?

Affected customers can also reach out to Access Bank on social media. On Facebook, click here,

On Twitter, reach out to them here,

If going through their mail address is your preferred option, reach out to them here,

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How Can I Block Access To My Access Bank ATM Card If It Gets Stolen Or Misplaced?

Are you a smartphone owner? If yes, then it is possible to block your ATM card by downloading their mobile app on your iOS or Android device. Do this:

  1. Launch the app and get yourself signed in.
  2.  Head to Cards and Cheques.
  3. Tap Manage Cards.
  4. Tap Block. (Select the account you want to block.)
  5. Type in your PIN/Token.
  6. Block Card.

And that is that.

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