How To Browse Free Unlimitedly With NTEL SIM


Hey, are you using ntel? Or you want to start using the 4G network? This is for you… A way for you to browse free of charge unlimitedly day and night with their modem or any compatible smartphone with 900/1800/1900 MHz bands.

Many people must have been using this ntel free browsing at the moment. If you have a ntel SIM, kindly get it ready for activation.

It’s legal and not a cheat.

ntel is Nigeria’s most revolutionary 4G/LTE-Advanced network that delivers superfast call-connect times, crystal clear Voice-over-LTE and high-speed Internet access (up to 100Mbps). They aim to provide value by providing the most advanced broadband-based solutions and excellent service.

All you have to do is buy a new ntel SIM card as it comes.

ntel only has network coverages in 3 states at the moment: Lagos, Portharcourt and Abuja. If you are in other states, you cannot make use of the ntel network services or even get their SIM card, or better still, you have to relocate to a supported area, which is not possible.

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Need a ntel Modem?

You’ll be happy to know that some cool data bonus comes with the modem and SIM when you buy it newly.

If you purchase a new ntel Modem with SIM, you will enjoy fast browsing speed, free unlimited data browsing. Besides, ntel has a lot of cheap data plans that are almost the same with GLO plans, but faster than GLO.

How To Browse Free Unlimitedly With NTEL SIM

Insert your ntel SIM on your Android or Mifi device and set the APN as NTEL. That’s all you need to start browsing for free.

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So, what are you still waiting for?

Get a ntel SIM now and enjoy speedy browsing on ntel 4G!

  1. Dammy says

    Is the ntel thing still working? I tried it and it worked, but it stopped browsing today

    1. Samuel .A says

      nope, its no longer working

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