How to Build Paths in Jurassic World Evolution

In Jurassic World Evolution, there are specific requirements buildings you create need to meet. One of them being that the buildings must be connected to the main paths. This is to enable staff workers and visitors to access them.

There are different types of paths available in Jurassic World Evolution. They also have different prices. You can select from narrow paths, wide paths, straight paths, curved paths and even fancy paths!

During the initial tutorial, you are taught how to build paths. However, if you have forgotten, this guide has been put together to help you out.

How to Build Paths in Jurassic World Evolution

First off, select the Paths option on the left side of the screen. The option looks like the image below. It is the same whether on PC or Console.

Just as I said earlier, there are different types of paths you can choose from building paths. First, the three types are Cheap Path, Normal Path, and Fancy Path. You can also choose whether you want the path narrow or wide. There is also a replace option which you can use to overwrite existing paths to upgrade them.

If the building you are working on looks like the image above, you need to connect the front entrance to the main path so that staff workers and visitors can access it. You can also use the demolish tool in the menu on the left to demolish paths if you want.

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